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  1. Are you going to mypath.jhsph.edu or to your customized portal directly? When I go to the main mypath.jhsph.edu site, I have to enter my email and then tab over to the next box, and then it redirects to my page. Once on my custom page, I'm only asked for a password when I navigate to my application checklists. Does that help at all?
  2. Ah, that’s right — I recall you (or someone) posting an update to that effect sometime. Thanks! I definitely feel your riding anxiety but am trying to stay hopeful. Maybe this will be the week!!
  3. Hey there! Congrats on your acceptance! I can totally relate -- once I announced to old colleagues I was applying for doctoral programs I got a lot of eye rolls and folks telling me they knew I'd end up going that way. Well, I didn't know that! I similarly didn't feel ready to take the leap to a PhD program (graduated in 2012 and worked in international health for four years before going back to school). I am really glad I went about things the way I did. I'm still waiting on PhD decisions, but if all goes well and I end up in a program next year, I will feel a lot stronger in my methods as I enter doctoral coursework and I think having the MPH has made me a more competitive candidate. I also feel like I have a better perspective on where I want to take my research career -- I didn't have that sense of direction when I entered the MPH, and a lot of the questions I want to explore arose as a direct result of my MPH coursework/research. I will say that I was lucky enough to get my master's almost entirely paid for through a research assistantship, so in a way all I "lost" by doing the MPH first was time, not money...that would have been something else to consider had I been paying for the MPH out of pocket. Let me know if other questions come up about Gillings or anything else; hope it all goes well for you!
  4. It's been radio silence from HBS on my end, too! I asked around and others I know who applied to the department have similarly not yet heard anything. I'm hopeful that they haven't sent out interview requests (or don't do interviews), but am not really sure.
  5. Me too! I've been agonizing over my emails all day (to the detriment of my productivity!). I thought folks might be more likely to send updates on a Friday. Guess I'll be doing some follow-up on Monday. Ugh...
  6. I applied to social and behavioral interventions. My suspicion is that we're right and everyone has their own process -- but the whole track-within-a-department thing still has me a little confused!
  7. I was wondering about that too! Did you apply to that department, or is this a general wondering? I interviewed there a couple weeks ago (and heard about my interview request in early Jan) -- so they do seem a bit ahead of schedule compared with some other programs. That department has four tracks; the track I applied to indicated decisions might be released this week, after the broader Intl Health admissions committee met (which was last week, I think?). I wonder if each track's admissions committee has its own timeline? I do know that other departments at Hopkins are on a totally different timeline, so it's hard to compare across depts. I'm getting a bit anxious as I had expected to hear something by now, but the week isn't technically over yet, so who knows!
  8. Thanks, y'all! Super useful all around. This ended up getting covered during introductions so was a non-issue, but the issue represented itself in a future interview so I was glad to have had your input.
  9. I recently received an interview request from my top choice for a doctoral program in my field (yay!). The email invitation came from the program director, with whom I have spoken previously and with whom I'd be interested in working. She will be conducting the interview with another faculty member. I'm interested in that faculty's work, but based on her current grants and publications, it doesn't seem like as close a fit with my interests as the program director or the other faculty with whom I've spoken (and who I listed as potential advisers on my application). Should I assume because this faculty member is on the interview panel, they are considering her as a potential adviser for me -- or does it just mean she is on the adcom and nothing more? Is this something that would be appropriate to ask about if not addressed during the interview introduction?
  10. I didn't see you had replied to this -- I don't get on here too much but am back to it now that I'm prepping for PhD applications! Just wanted to mention that while the departments do vary in terms of how structured their curricula are (for example, Health Behavior and HPM are much more structured with more required courses than, say, Maternal/Child Health), for each department you have a good level of flexibility to take electives in your second year -- even outside the school of public health. You mentioned that you'll probably be applying next year (to start Fall 2019, right?) -- I'd suggest coming by one of the open houses, which are held in the fall, since you're local. I haven't been to one (I wasn't local when I applied) but they seem like a pretty low-key yet useful way to get more information about the departments, chat with folks, and get a general vibe of the place. I think the 2017 one is in October; imagine the 2018 one will be too. They are usually scheduled to coincide with Practicum Day, which is when second-year students present on their summer practica -- might be a nice way to see what types of work students are engaged in. Either way, feel free to message me directly if you have specific questions as you move closer to your application date! Best of luck.
  11. Hey Mackenzie. Just seeing your post. I just finished my first MPH year and when I was applying last year, I similarly thought it was odd that no one on here was talking much about Gillings. Despite that, I ended up at Gillings and am enjoying the program. Happy to answer any specific questions you have. For reference, I worked in international public health for four years pre-MPH, am planning a continued global health focused career post-MPH, and am in the Health Behavior department. I'm sure you know this but Gillings does have a Health Policy and Management department. It does seem very US-centric and strikes me as more similar to a healthcare administration program than the other departments such as Health Behavior or Maternal and Child Health. (At UNC the program/curriculum really does differ by department, though that is likely to change in the next couple of years as they are restructuring the entire MPH curriculum.) Having said that, there are plenty of policy-minded folks across the other school departments so there are a number of places where you can pursue policy work (same goes for global health). Let me know if you have specific questions!
  12. (This is a last-ditch effort to get someone else to make this decision for me, because I'm so fatigued by the whole thing that I just want it done already. I know I'll end up having to decide for myself, but this is worth a shot, right?) I was admitted to several great MPH programs and, after visiting all of them, have narrowed my choices down to UNC (MPH in Health Behavior) and Harvard (MPH-65 in Health Behavior and Society/SBS, depending who you talk to). This is mostly because of general fit/gut feeling, cost/financial aid packages, and faculty. For the record, I'm interested in social/behavioral epidemiology, specifically STIs including HIV. I'm coming to the MPH with four years of project management experience in a large, well-respected international health non-profit. I see the MPH as a great way to strengthen my methodology, build a base of research experience, and "test the waters" to see if full-time, academic research work is for me (in case I'd consider a PhD). It's important to me that a program prepare me well for those things. I have now visited both UNC and Harvard, and feel great about both options. Both offer a wealth of research opportunities, both globally and domestically (though UNC probably offers more on the global front), both have strong social epidemiologists on faculty, students at both schools rave about student life/faculty relationships, etc. etc. etc. On all fronts, they seem equal to me -- maybe this is why they have a shared ranking!! Money is, of course, a consideration and UNC is substantially cheaper (both in terms of tuition and cost of living) -- but I am trying not to limit myself to that at this point. What else should I be considering? What questions should I be asking? I don't want this to come to flipping a coin, but it's at that point.
  13. @L265: I spoke with a current student yesterday who recommended going (though of course that may be biased). She did mention that many students at her admitted students day were leaning toward UNC or had already decided to attend -- so if a visit factors more into the decision process, I wonder if it makes more sense to go earlier...though trying to squeeze several other visits in between now and then is proving to be a challenge, so I may end up having to wait until April 1 regardless!
  14. Hi there! I submitted my applications for Gillings Health Behavior in SOPHAS and the UNC system on December 1 and they were marked complete on December 8. I got my acceptance on Feb 1 after no word at all from the school (was expecting an interview request based on what colleagues who did the MCH program at Gillings said). I haven't seen many people posting about Gillings on the results page here, so I'm guessing they're slowly rolling out notifications. Good luck!! And let me know if you end up hearing good news -- I'm still waiting on other programs but struggling to make decisions about visits, etc. in the meantime so am curious what others are doing!
  15. Hi! I've heard from three of my five programs so far, all acceptances (yay!): UNC Gillings (Health Behavior), Johns Hopkins BSPH (Schoolwide MPH), and Yale SPH (Social & Behavioral Sciences). My remaining two (Harvard Social/Behavioral & Columbia Sociomedial) both explicitly stated decisions released in mid-Feb and again in mid-March...so I'm playing the waiting game. No word on funding yet, which will ultimately make the decision for me.... I'm trying to get visits planned to all the programs that accept me, which is turning out to be a scheduling nightmare! Most have overlapping admitted students day. Are y'all going to those, scheduling your own visits, or...? My official admitted students days are all April 1 or later, which for me seems too close to decision day, but if I'm missing out on something by organizing my own visits, I'd consider waiting. Thoughts?? (Or point me to another thread?)
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