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  1. Only apply to my first 5 schools. Freaked out and applied to five more towards the end, but really, should've stuck to my top 5.
  2. I'm quite positive, I'm going to Duke
  3. Coming from someone who has been a tech, a position I got by purely sending out emails to PIs, before I start my PhD this fall, I was fortunate enough to land in a lab where I expressed my needs to become technically a lot better, while also working on mini projects which would be mine, every now and then. It was a large lab, and so there were lots of projects I could jump into, and I've been involved in three over the course of my time here. So, while it is not research like a PostBac program, this position has honestly been the most helpful in making me a better baby scientist-in-training
  4. Hey everyone, I would like some different inputs on living in Nashville vs Durham. As an international student, I would like to know if the neighborhoods where most people stay are diverse, and views on people of color? I currently live in New York city, and would like to hear your opinions. Thanks!
  5. Mrr. I'm sorry. Good luck with the others. I Waiting is tough.
  6. Which MTAs are you guys? I picked genetics.
  7. Huh. That's strange to me that they would have spots for just 3? I know they have had lots of intls before, as far as just last year. I guess it's a reject then. Sigh.
  8. They do have interview dates into March though.
  9. I'm guessing mine's a reject, since I looked into the portal, and under the "Confirm interview" tab it says " You have not been invited to an interview."
  10. Early December. Around when all the Dec1st applications were to be sent for me.
  11. I actually just got an email interview invite a few hours back. So maybe, there's still hope.
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