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  1. Hey, I actually got a phone interview from them a couple of weeks back, and apparently should hear a response by next week if not in early March. I'm a US student and even though our applications are pooled in with domestic applicants, I applied well before the international student deadline. Thanks for your response though!
  2. I received an interview invite to the UToronto's Pharmacology program, but never got an email back to confirm a time. Is it safe to assume that they've rescinded my invitation, or should I wait to follow up?
  3. Has anyone applied to U of T's Pharmacology program, and received an interview invite, but no confirmation about when the interview is going to take place? I'm freaking out over here.
  4. I submitted my application to a school way before one of their first deadlines and they invited me to an interview a couple of days prior to the application deadline. However, no one has gotten back to me about the final confirmed date/time. I have the option to go in person, but because of distance I am also flexible about doing a phone interview. Am I being overly anxious about it or should I wait and follow up if I don’t hear anything in a week? I’m hoping it wasn’t a mistake that they requested to interview me, seeing as it’s my top choice.
  5. Hi all, I am in the process of drafting personal statements for graduate school, and I was wondering how open I should be about pursuing a non-academic career after completing the degree. If I do decide to mention it, will it hurt my application?
  6. Hi all, I'm a recent graduate from a top liberal arts school who is interested in pursuing graduate study for neuroscience/pharmacology in Canada, and I am also looking to eventually relocate here permanently. I found a few programs and professors whose research areas fit my interests, skills, and experience extremely well. Although the websites claim that international students are guaranteed a certain stipend, considering that most grant agencies place restrictions on use of funds for non-citizens or non-permanent residents, it makes me skeptical that I would be able to get in on
  7. I'm sorry if it wasn't clearer, but let me rephrase. While there is one researcher who I would love working with, I identified 4 or 5 other people I would also like to work with given the topics they study or the techniques they use. The same is true for McGill and Drexel, whereas there is maybe only one PI I would be interested in working with at Penn. What other elements should I incorporate into my SOP besides the obvious skills/techniques I've mastered and research interests? So far I have at least 2 if not 3 potential LORs that would be really strong, but I think having my third person be
  8. Thanks for the information about Penn. My friend made it seem as if all of Penn's PhD programs offered a Master's degree at some point during the PhD. She was applying in a different field, that actually has a master's program. The research being done by one of the faculty members at U of T (sadly, he's in the Psychiatry department at the medical school and I don't know if I would be able to work with him at all) caught my eye, and he seems to be spearheading this initiative started by NIH's National Institute of Mental Health (RDoc) in Canada to improve diagnostics and treatment for mental il
  9. This is information I was given by a friend who was applying to programs at Penn. That may have been relevant to her field.
  10. I want to get a Master to see if I really enjoy research enough to pursue a PhD as opposed to going to medical school and working with patients or something. I know people have suggested I go the M.D./PhD programs, but from what I know of general cutoffs and stats, I don't think that I am competitive in terms of academics or experienced enough to qualify for that. That being said, I know that a PhD is a whole different ball game, but similarly to going straight for an MD/PhD I simply don't feel the least bit prepared. For my top choice (U of T), it would be best for me to apply to the master's
  11. Undergrad institution:US top 30 liberal arts school (depending on rankings) Major: Biology Minor: Psychology GPA in Major: 3.42 or something like that, should be higher when I graduate given trends in my grades Overall GPA: 3.45, which also should be above 3.5 when I graduate Type of student: Domestic, minority female, current senior I have not taken the GRE yet, but I plan to after graduation in May. Research experience: Summer research internship that I found by contacting a local PI whose research focused on the role of monoamine neurotransmitters and associated neuropeptides in stress
  12. Hi! I wad wondering if you could describe the courses you take, the research that people are doing (more specifically how interdisciplinary or clinical based it is), and just things about the school in general. Do you like the program? How did you know it was right for you, etc? Basically, tell me everything. xD
  13. Hi all. I am an American student who currently attends a top 50 liberal arts institution, and is potentially interested in attending graduate school in Canada. In particular I am looking at McGill and University of Toronto. I wanted to know if anyone had more information on which would be better, both in terms of fit and reputation according to the neuroscience research they produce. I will be applying for admission in Fall 2018 (so next round) after taking a gap year to do some kind of post-bac program or working as an RA/RT. McGill is interesting to me because it actually has a Psychiat
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