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  1. I can’t give insight into the program at scripps, but I was an undergrad at UCSD. If weather is important, then SD really can’t be beat. It’s coastal, without the humidity the east coast suffers from. Lots of nature to explore and the ocean as well. If you’re into clubbing/bar hopping, PB is pretty good I’ve heard.
  2. I explicitly stated I was interested in industry, and I had no trouble getting interviews. I interviewed at Stanford, Caltech, UCSD and Berkeley. I declined interviews at UW and CMU.
  3. I’d agree with the previous post, research experience is more important. However, there are reasons outside of getting into graduate school to do the math courses. All scientists need to use quantitative techniques, and calculus is the backbone of many important statistics used in biology. If the goal is to be an independent scientist, you should certainly expose yourself to calculus at some point and I don’t see why doing it before grad school would be a negative. Im sure you see that the trend of the field is to incorporate more computation, and I think the jobs are in that direction as
  4. Awesome! Congratulations to you as well! Unfortunately, it seems that all of those schools are finished sending invites.
  5. From what it sounds like, your daughter will have no problems getting into strong undergraduate programs. The majority of these top schools will have strong research in all areas including biomedical research. I don't think you have any reason to "target" programs unless you have limited funds for applications. More directly, doing research in the field you are interested in will certainly help your application to graduate school, but it is not absolutely necessary. However, I think that picking a school based on future research interests is a bit premature in this case. I would suggest
  6. @BobDole Columbia was odd that they had a really short SOP. My SOP template that I used for all my applications was about twice as long. I didn’t realize this early because I added Columbia at the last minute, and basically cut sentences from original SOP which completely butchered the flow of the essay. If I had to redo it, I probably would have rewritten it completely with a focus on only one of my research experiences rather than trying to cram both into a shorter essay. For the rest of the programs, after I had written my basic template I spent probably an hour researching the faculty
  7. From my understanding they have a short list to contact if someone declines an interview. This is pretty much your only chance at this point for those programs, so I wouldn’t get hopes too high (especially because I can’t imagine anyone declining those programs interviews). Sorry :/
  8. I’m not a CS student but was born and raised in the Silicon Valley (both my parents are in the CS industry). I also plan to transition into AR, AI, or related after my PhD in computational neuroscience. Although I’m a little under qualified to give advice, I’ll do my best. Working from your top-tier and lotteries, you should be fine coming from any of those schools. You will easily be able to find internships as all of those schools have strong ties to industry. However, at lower tier schools proximity is very helpful. For example, SJSU is not a highly ranked school but it has a dispropo
  9. Not entirely sure where this belongs...I got an interview to Berkeley Vision today! I was transferred from Berkeley neuroscience to vision a couple weeks ago because they thought I was a better fit with that program. I very nearly applied to Vision in the first place, so I’m happy either way. Also not sure how you guys are doing those signatures with the colors, but so far: Interviews (6/9) Stanford neuroscience, Berkeley Vision, Caltech CNS, UCSD neuroscience, CMU (declined), UW neuroscience (declined due to conflict) Rejected (2/9) : MIT (not official yet), Columbia (official)
  10. This was the thought process I worked through as well
  11. Hey I got a call from the neuroscience program last week, and have not yet received an official email. I checked in with the program coordinator on Friday and she said that they had not sent it yet, I’m assuming it’s coming next week. Also the POI who called me asked if I could make it for all of the dates, leading me to believe that it is all one interview session. I’m sure you could leave early if you need to.
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