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  1. I'm about to start the second year of my neuroscience PhD, and as I work on my NSF GRFP application I'm trying to decide what primary field best fits my research. My proposed project will relate to human EEG/fMRI activity during working memory tasks, which sounds like it would fit best in the Psychology - Cognitive Neuroscience category. However, my neuroscience PhD is under the biomedical sciences umbrella at my university, so my program would likely match Life Sciences - Neuroscience better. Prior forums have mentioned that some fields have more funding or are more competitive than others, so I was wondering if there was any advantage/disadvantage to applying under either category. I looked for lists of approved project proposals online in each category to try to get a better feel for which field matches my experience/research better, but was unable to find anything besides the list of awardee names and institutions on the GRFP website. I've spoken with people in my lab, and they were also unsure, so I would appreciate any insight you may have.
  2. Just got through to the PI I want to work for which is such a huge relief and she would be excited to have me so I'm going to my top choice! Sorry for the freak out - I still honestly have no idea what I would've done if I hadn't heard back from her.
  3. I already asked my second choice university if they'd extend their deadline and they said they would not.
  4. Because if he no longer would be able to take me and there was only one available professor at my first choice school I would want to work with that would be a major cause of concern. You’re supposed to have multiple professors at a school you would want to work with in case your original main POI isn’t a good match in the end/leaves the school/whatever else life throws at you happens so I think also reaching out to my second choice professor also was perfectly reasonable.
  5. Last night I was admitted off the waitlist to my top choice program and I couldn't be more excited. I immediately emailed the two main professors I want to work with there to make sure they still actually want me in their labs since I was originally waitlisted. My second choice professor responded saying he would be happy to have me, but now the workday on Friday is ending and I still haven't heard back from the main professor I want to work for. If she doesn't still have space for me in her lab or interest in me joining, then I would go to my second choice school that has a great PI (but the location is really unideal for me on about 5 different levels). If she does still have interest in me joining her lab, then I'd go to my top choice. But I have no idea what I should do if I don't hear back from her. Does anyone have any advise about how to handle this situation?
  6. Just got off the waitlist from my top choice!!! It's been a long road (they replied to an email this morning saying they might not have the waitlist decided before April 15 and I should ask my other school for an extension) and I was put on the waitlist over a month ago. I have NOT handled waiting well but I'm in shock right now.
  7. I just got in off the waitlist at my top choice!!! I'm in such shock right now honestly. Today has been such a rollercoaster - it started with waking up to an email reply from the program director of my top choice saying she didn’t know whether or not I’d hear back from them before April 15 and that I should ask my other school for an extension. Then I drafted an email to my second choice asking for an extension but before I sent it I got a phone call from their program director offering a fellowship with more money (and then I asked him about an extension and he said they probably wouldn't grant one). Then tonight I got an email from my top choice and I honestly can't believe it. I still have to hear back from professors at my top choice (I want to make sure they actually want me in their labs still) before i can say for sure that I'm going but today was a lot. I'm defending my undergraduate thesis in the morning and have yet to look at my presentation because this has all been so much wow.
  8. Will schools be annoyed/upset if you ask for an extension? I know it’s better than backing out of an offer but I don’t know if asking will be frowned upon - debating my options atm in a similar situation.
  9. Just emailed UNC BBSP and apparently they’re starting to take people off the waitlist for whatever that’s worth
  10. @Cowherdingjoe just withdrew my Vanderbilt app. They said I was currently on the waitlist, and even though I highly doubt I was going to get off of it maybe there's a small chance this helps someone else - and I could use the good waitlist karma lol.
  11. Pretty similar - in at my second choice school and the program is great and would set me up super well for future research, but I really think I would be happier at my top school where I'm waitlisted. The wait sucks so much and I'm so scared I won't know either way before April 15th. My plan if I don't know on April 15 is to commit to my second choice school and pull my app from the waitlist. Once I decide I want to decide and not go back on my decision. Some people mentioned asking for extensions on deciding from the school you were accepted at, but idk for me that feels like too much. I just want to be done.
  12. I'm handling it poorly, but I'm trying to distract myself. I've been looking at apartments online for the city I'm probably going to be in next year - I'm trying to find an affordable one bedroom that allows cats and has an in-unit washer/dryer which turns out is pretty difficult in that area. I've also spent a while looking at cats on local animal shelter websites because I'm definitely getting one in grad school. Made the mistake of looking at apartments near the school I'm waitlisted at and they were so much cheaper and newer/nicer and just uggghhhhhh.
  13. Did you contact them or did they send you an email out of the blue? If they just aren’t telling us our status and basically unofficially waitlisting us (as in I can’t assume I’ve been rejected at this point) I’ll try to figure out how to withdraw my application - unless if that might impact future opportunities at the school. Does anyone know whether it’s worse to withdraw your application or to wait to hear back and get either rejected or accepted then decline the offer? (I’m really assuming I’m going to be rejected based on how interviews went). I’ve declined an acceptance because I wanted to make room on that school’s waitlist for others and if pulling my app at Vandy won’t affect my shot of getting a post doc position there or something I def will. Even if I don’t pull my app because I’m paranoid about that and somehow I do get in (which I highly doubt will happen) I’d def decline right away so the spot would go to the next person.
  14. Not important, but has anyone else who didn't interview with Northwestern NUIN not received their rejection letter yet? I wasn't interviewed so I know I'm rejected (and it was towards the bottom of my list so I'm fine with that) but it's just comical that it's April and I still haven't heard anything. I paid my app fee so I think I should get an actual rejection notification. Also idk if I was waitlisted or rejected from Vanderbilt NGP because I haven't heard anything after my interview... it's fine because I would decline the offer if admitted, but real talk I just want closure from this whole process. (I'm really just waiting on the answer from my top choice because I'm waitlisted there and distracting myself with this stuff but it's fine. Everything's fine.)
  15. Can second as a classmate of eevee's- only 4 of the like 36 in our neuroscience thesis capstone class were not premed. We both got into graduate school and not once was I questioned if I was previously premed and have other interests. Other institutions won't know the % premed at whatever school your daughter is at, and the implications of that % premed for graduate admissions should definitely not be a concern when picking undergraduate schools.
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