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  1. yes they will email everyone but I don't know in which order.
  2. yiiikes I'm so anxious now
  3. I'm still holding hope that its tomorrow
  4. This actually gives me a lot of assurance that I can get through today without too much worry that it will come tonight/tomorrow morning.
  5. feeling so anxious about this right now. I just. want. to. know.
  6. Hi All - My spouse wants to attend the interview weekends/recruitment events with me. I am in total support of that because they will also be moving to our new home whenever I choose a school! Should I ask the administrator about providing us a single room in hotels, or should I even tell the schools that my partner will be coming? Obviously they won't be coming to the interviews or the social events with me, but they would like to see the city that we might be moving to and meet locals. It seems silly for me to even ask the administrators these types of questions because we are full-blown adults, but I just don't know the etiquette! Any input would be extremely helpful.
  7. When I got my interview invite they said "respond by 01/05 so that other eligible applicants can be invited" or something like that - so you could be on that second tier. It wouldn't hurt to contact them, though. They are super friendly and respond timely.
  8. I know grad students at OHSU PMCB that can confirm those invites haven't been sent out, but if they are at all like the other departments at OHSU they will be sent in a single afternoon/group sometime this week.
  9. is this for UPenn NGG? does this mean that all interviews have been sent?
  10. Anyone know anything about WashU Neuorscience? I can't tell if the DBBS invites are neuro. I think they are rolling but I'm not sure, can someone confirm that all invites have not been sent?
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