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  1. I believe they send an email notification after uploading the Awardee List hours before.
  2. I'm also a 2nd year PhD student applying for the first time. I applied under Computer and Information Science and Engineering (CISE).
  3. Not too much activity on Reddit, except for the somewhat buried thread attached. Someone called FastLane and all but confirmed early April. Fingers crossed for Friday 4/3!
  4. @nishant1247, sure thing! Totally, on top of everything else mentioned, costs/funding are important for quality of life. Best of luck on the decision and let us know where you end up deciding on! Has anyone heard back from Columbia BMI? There aren't any hits on the Results page and it seems like there is silence on this thread too.
  5. @nishant1247 Awesome results. Both are great schools. What kind of labs/profs are you thinking of working with? It may depend on your goals for computational skill-building. From everything I’ve seen at CMU while visiting for a hackathon last summer, they have some big stuff happening in data science & ML/DL (with even their own department separate from CS), which will definitely rub off in coursework and research. There's also a lot of collaboration with UPitt and its med school, which is enticing on many fronts (new perspectives, data, etc.). Not too sure about GaTech's program
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