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  1. Structured Phone Interview

    This really helps, thank you! The questions you were asked are fairly similar to what I've been preparing for, so that makes me feel a lot more confident. These are some great questions, thank you! He did mention he'd spend a few minutes talking about the background of the program, so hopefully that'll be a good place to gauge how formal the rest of the interview will be.
  2. Structured Phone Interview

    Hi everyone! I have a 45 minute phone interview coming up on Friday for an I/O PhD program and I'm looking for some general advice and feedback on my preparation so far. My current list of prep items includes: re-read personal statement to be able to expand on it/refer back to the "why I'm interested in the field" question create elevator pitch about my writing sample (research proposal- it was only a term paper so it wasn't intended to be executed as a full experiment/study, but it represents my topical interests well) go over POI's recent papers/faculty page and get familiar with the general outline of that info look through program website for curriculum and see if I have any questions about that My questions for you lovely people: Am I missing any critical step that helped you prep for a phone interview? How formal have phone interviews been for you? Are they more standard questions about your qualifications/experience, or did it seem more intended to determine personal fit? What types of questions did you ask/wish you had asked/would recommend asking as a current student? Right now I'm planning on asking about summer opportunities (internships, continuing to work on a professor's research, working on independent projects, etc.), and what types of projects might be coming up in this POI's lab soon. I appreciate the time you guys spent to read this! Really, any experiences or insight about what to expect would be super helpful.
  3. Fall 2018 I/O Psy

    I haven’t heard anything! Data from the results page in the past couple years had them giving interview invites 1/13 and 1/19, so based on that I would bet we might hear something by this Friday or early next week! I’m very anxiously awaiting any news, lol.
  4. Fall 2018 I/O Psy

    We have Penn State, George Mason, Colorado State, and Clemson in common, I haven’t heard anything either! I’m not sure if you’ve looked at data from past years, but those should start notifying soon I think (except Clemson obviously lol since their deadline is the 15th). The results section had Penn State notifying about interviews on 1/13 and 1/19 for 2017 and 2016 respectively. Also, based on their websites I think we’ll hear back from George Mason and Colorado State around February 1st!