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  1. theyre up, not awarded
  2. this is it, everyone. good luck to us all and remember that you have lots to offer and one award can't define your potential. this award is only one of many, many opportunities!
  3. it definitely is. it wouldnt be on the grfp login page if it wasnt. i was really hoping for today since last yr there was saturday 12 hr maintenance before the results were released after more maintenance on monday night/tuesday morning. ive been waiting so much for this but now that its here imma throw up omg
  5. I wish results would be released tomorrow but i know they wont and ill have to wait till the last week of March, most likely
  6. this is kind of a tangent but anyone here waiting on grfp? im dying here
  7. got a rejection from uw madison last night, not unexpected given how late in the cycle it is
  8. they mentioned that applications are still under review and decisions should be distributed over the next two weeks but yeah who knows
  9. i emailed but im not sure if it was the right person to ask...not really sure what's going on w them at this point...
  10. me for inorganic/bioinorganic. only heard from nw and my undergrad school for acceptances and still waiting the most for mit
  11. I haven't but I'm wondering about inorganic
  12. im inorganic/bioinorganic and my soul is withering away
  13. ugh i dont wanna jinx it but i hope so. they said within the next two weeks on the portal so it would make sense to hear around now. i just wanna be able to decide where im going!
  14. has anyone heard from mit today? ive seen some acceptances by phone so idk...
  15. i hope so! the message on the portal says they expect most people will hear back by the second week of feb so hopefully acceptances start rolling in this week...good luck to everyone still waiting!
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