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  1. My understanding is that we do get an email with results too.
  2. If results are indeed posted: My honest guess is early Tuesday morning (Eastern) since the majority of the site maintenance falls on Tuesday morning. I could be wrong though.
  3. I have an evening full of plans, thankfully. Cooking dinner, walking around familiar streets outside. It happens to be a really nice day where I am, so I want to take advantage of that. I really suggest a walk or light exercise. I walked for at least a half-hour this morning, and I felt a lot better after realizing that results might very well come out super soon. I also have some paints and cheap, small canvases I might use (I am no artist, believe me.). Finally, I like to write haikus. Maybe I'll come up with a silly and lighthearted one for today. That's just me though. Before the even
  4. Good point (though, I'm personally unsure if it's put on both sites. Maybe?). I sure hope it shows up there as well.
  5. When I say that I GASPED... I'm shaking now. I have no idea if this is the real-deal, but I think it is. I have no idea how I'm going to focus today, but I'm going for a walk now. I need to clear my mind now. Good luck to everyone!!
  6. I wish the same, but I also believe the same. Luckily, the last full week of March is indeed next week. We're all so close to knowing. And not to sound cheesy or anything, but we're in this waiting game together. I can tell we're all (generally...) getting really curious about the results! Hang in there! I'm planning to set up activities for myself to healthily distract myself from thinking about results until/whenever they do arrive (or unless there's a clear enough indication that results are on the way...I'll reserve my excitement and intense anxiety for then--just being honest *s
  7. Hmm, so perhaps this week seems unlikely. But, just curious, why wouldn't next week be a possibility? (I know the official site said early April as well--I'm likely just being impatient. 😅)
  8. 5 pubs is quite a lot! That's awesome.
  9. I think you might need author names (format: Lastname, X.). If you already have that, I did something quite similar--and I also believe I've seen examples with similar citation formats. Good luck!
  10. Interesting. I'm unsure of what that may mean, honestly. I wish I knew! Maybe you'll get some sort of notification this week? Maybe contact a/the graduate coordinator for the dept.?
  11. Long story short, Purdue's a great school, especially with regards to STEM fields. I don't know much about the program itself--so I can't help there, honestly--, but I know a bit about campus. Are you strictly doing this online? Will you visit campus for any reason? Congrats on the acceptance.
  12. I received an e-mail this morning (unsure if it was a mass e-mail--probably was). I did check my application, however, and I didn't see any update there.
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