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  1. I'm interviewing at NYU Sackler in a couple weeks and wondered from those who have already interviewed, when did you get your schedule? The only thing I've heard from them is the time of my flight and I was just wondering what to expect for the actual interview, schedule, dress code, etc.
  2. Congrats! Did they say anything about how many people they are accepting from each weekend or how many people they are interviewing this year? I am attending their last interview weekend and am nervous they will have most of their spots filled by then. Thanks!
  3. Has anyone contacted OHSU PMCB or have any info about if they are done sending invites? Seems like a few people have starting hearing. Starting to get nervous that my application fell through the cracks.
  4. Has anyone heard from OHSU PMCB yet? Also it looks like NYU Sackler has been sending invites, any word if they are done yet? Thanks!
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