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  1. idk if this is something that you want to read or not, but it seems necessary to be shared widely for those who'll attend columbia this fall https://www.columbiaspectator.com/news/2018/04/30/with-decrepit-facilities-and-missing-faculty-mfa-visual-arts-students-demand-tuition-refund/
  2. hey, my friend attended yale 3 year graphic design program, according to them, the cost of attending 3 year GD program is only attainable if you got admitted with need-based financial aid (like yale) or merit-based scholarship + grants (like risd), i'm not sure about the others, you could pm me with more questions so i could ask them further cheers and good luck
  3. eh, what are you talking about? the person in question already got in?
  4. i don't think anyone gets a full ride from yale, 100% tuition waiver is possible, but the work study won't cover your living cost. you might get more funding for the living cost when you're in 2nd year (since 2nd year students get the first dibs for funding), but yeah. it's not as generous as merit-based scholarship that are being offered at say, VCU or UCLA, but everyone gets a fair share and the debts when we're graduating are reasonable
  5. yeah, international students also received need-based funding as long as they provide the documentations (tax returns from home countries (translated + notarized), international certification of finances, etc.). since they couldn't apply for federal loan, yale will provide the loan itself and they could borrow as much as they need. again, i think the debt that they'll accrue is also similar for domestic students, ranging from 20k - 40k solely for living cost. they usually have 100% tuition waiver (it's all come down to how much they + their parents earn really). imo, i think yale has the faire
  6. hey just to give heads up for yale's financial aid. yes they all received need-based funding. some of my friends received 100% tuition waiver + work study + unit loan. i think the average debt after graduation is probably around 20k - 40k (probably because of loan for living cost), which i think is completely reasonable
  7. hey, i don't know if this person's experience will apply, but zak smith (also known as zak sabbath) went to yale for his grad school and the faculty were cool with it, but then again, he was an art student while he was there, where policies probably might be more lenient than the rest of the university. he's hella knowledgeable and kind as well, i think you could try to reach him out on twitter (he has an active twitter presence) if you want to ask a thing or two cheers!
  8. hey, which MIT program did you get accepted into? is it art, culture, technology? if so, may i ask whether or not they gave you a funding?
  9. hey, i sincerely hope you were misreading me, i was reacting to hegelmadness' (they change their name into theprinciples) scathing remarks about these amazing women's works. cheers~
  10. nah, you got justifiably called out because you were being a dick to some of the current grad students at yale because you deem their works lame. it's almost as if you forgot art criticism 101 entirely
  11. this is completely unnecessary and not a good look if somehow the adcom figure out who you are. also, it's fine if you think "yale doesn't seem to be the institution it was 10 years ago", however, why the fuck did you apply there in the first place?
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