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  1. I'd say RISD too. Idk much about CCC, but I would say look at all the intangibles you'll be gaining at each place. If you think the faculty, overall exposure and resources at CCC suits you best, then hey, you've got yourself a free education. But if you think for a moment that no RISD gives you more in comparison apart from prestige then choose that. None of this education is dependent on prestige, but the environment and faculty contribute to a lot.
  2. Oxford: Accepted, got a partial scholarship Northwestern: Rejected CMU: Rejected UPenn: Rejected :'(( Cornell: Rejected Columbia: Rejected MIT: PRAYINGGGGGGG FOR A WAITLIST
  3. Best of luck! Most colleges don't interview waitlisted candidates till they're up for admission. In the sense, the moment someone withdraws, the interviews start. But I would recommend writing to them, asking about what to do next if you're interested in their program.
  4. Nope. I emailed them they said a couple more interviews *might* take place for New Genres but they're not sure sooo. Trying my best. Thanks a ton Charoarte!
  5. I've been rejected from UPenn, Northwestern and CMU. Waiting to hear from MIT, Cornell and Columbia. I'm desperate.
  6. Guys I’m having a nervous breakdown. I’m yet to hear from three colleges in the US, and I BADLY need to get admitted to atleast one of them. Wish me luck?
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