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  1. You're talking about capitalism. You're talking about reality. an art degree is not in itself a salary guarantee, nor a golden key. being in MFA doesn't mean you have to do arty art. the elite art is shrinking, anyone could post their works online and get their oppotunities. and street artists became famous due to the the weight of media and popularity but not the "ruling class". No one turns anyone into a mouse man. you can't be sure that the people who choose the moon rather than six pence are happy or not. for me, If it makes me worse, it's because I didn't succeed in becoming an autonom
  2. it seem to be an oral acceptance
  3. has anyone heard from NYU fine art?
  4. hey guys. I had accepted to UPENN MFA, SAIC PAINTING, and NYU MFA( with scholarship maybe). My head is spinning because from my research, SAIC seems to be a fantastic school and UPENN has a good name. And also NYU probably is the best location for a painter? I'm a international so I would assume after graduate I will find a job and continue painting in another country. So confused. I would love to hear some thoughts,,,
  5. has anyone heared from USC or NYU?
  6. Update the process of mfa painting/art Accepted: Parsons SAIC Mica UPenn interviewed; NYU interview next week;USC Interviewed, the faculty said the result would come out next week rej:Yale nothing from Risd
  7. 😫Has anyone heared form UPenn MFA program? interviewd on 7 Feb but nothing since then.
  8. Has anyone heard from RISD 🥺painting program?
  9. Hi, may I ask that when NYU (mfa studio art yes?) invited you, was it on campus interview? Thanks!
  10. Congrats!! may I ask what program you applied? MFA fine art?
  11. received an offer from SAIC painting MFA this morning. intervewed: MICA PARSONS UPENN rej: YALE nothing from RISD, NYU and USC...Has anyone interviewed with them? 》。《💔
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