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  1. Jjjuliannn

    MFA 2018 All Art ADMISSIONS freak-out forum!!!!!!!!

    they're also practically crumbling, the current students are suing the school.
  2. Jjjuliannn

    SAIC Post-Bacc VS Cranbrook MFA

    tbh post bacc is for people who need help getting into a mfa program or because people don't want mfa programs. i did the ssp at vcu to help prepare for an mfa but it was expensive to move to a whole new city for a short period of time (as well as the residency was expensive). canbrook is a great school, and if you're not happy with their program either do the post bacc to prepare for a more competitive program, do the post bacc and wait on the mfa, or accept neither and reply to programs next year.
  3. Jjjuliannn

    MFA 2018 All Art ADMISSIONS freak-out forum!!!!!!!!

    just my two cents, i don't think the price tag as well as the institutional and physical crumbling of the school is worth 120k in debt even if you peer group are super accomplished. even if you come out of school very 'successful'... you can get a good deal from VERY good schools with a smaller price tag
  4. Jjjuliannn

    Fulbright 2019-2020

    thanks so much!!! sent an email about applying and getting some information but i haven't gotten any reply so! idk. i also spelled fulbright wrong so RIP for me
  5. Jjjuliannn

    SVA Products of Design!

    tbh i think these programs are similar, if there's no one professor, student, facility, or location that's pulling you I would let the price tag decide.
  6. Jjjuliannn

    MFA 2018 All Art ADMISSIONS freak-out forum!!!!!!!!

    columbia is a great program but hunter is also great and less expensive. my goal with my mfa was to graduate debt free. it's great to go to an ivy league school but is 130,000$ of debt worth it? i'm not sure.
  7. Jjjuliannn

    Chicago vs NY

    i live in ny currently and it's not for me (i'm moving to philly for my mfa) i would seriously consider chicago, i think it's a better environment for emerging artists and ny is better for mid to late career artists who can afford a good studio practice and all. chicago is cheaper, has tons of accessible residencies.... best of luck
  8. Jjjuliannn

    Residency Opportunity. Kimmel Harding Nelson Center for the Arts

    hey thanks so much for this! is there any way I could get the application fee waived? would be a tremendous help.
  9. Jjjuliannn

    Fulbright 2019-2020

    oh yes i would never ever say "i'm applying just to go!" that would be rude lol. where can i access the webinar? youve been so helpful thank you so much!!
  10. Jjjuliannn

    MFA 2018 All Art ADMISSIONS freak-out forum!!!!!!!!

    what is the funding situation from each like? both great schools, though cornell is ivy. However, living in Ithaca can be rough especially during the winter and rutgers has a great proximity to new york. both great! I'd let the funding decide.
  11. Jjjuliannn

    Fulbright 2019-2020

    i wouldn't say EE is where my hear it but i've never traveled and I admittedly wanted the easiest acceptance. oy!
  12. Jjjuliannn

    Boren 2018-2019

    i'm also considering EE! (Moldova)
  13. Jjjuliannn

    Fulbright 2019-2020

    i'm really considering applying but might go for a place that isn't very competitive. is it true that once you get one fullbright you'll never get another, it's just a one time thing? i'm getting my MFA and was thinking about going to an eastern European country (probably Moldova since someone posted on another forum that there are 0 applicants as of now) to study jewish resistance during the Holocaust and Bundism. is this stupid (am i stupid)?
  14. Jjjuliannn

    Fulbright 2018-2019

    hey! I'm really interested in studying in Moldova! Is it okay to message you and talk about it?
  15. Jjjuliannn

    Skowhegan 2018

    rejected and unsurprising but disappointed.

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