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  1. I also got in and went to a liberal arts college! I talked to a few current student and he told me he is a bit annoyed because teachers tend to be nice about criticisms. He said you would have to try harder to pick their brain and get more constructive feedback. Also he mentioned that the program doesn't really teach you critical thinking or how to design. You need to already know how to execute design prior to that.
  2. Hi! I got into the following programs. My favorite program is SVA as it seems like the most well-rounded program and that is important to me as someone coming without a design undergrad degree. But the price tag is very high... Anyone else thinking of these programs? SVA Products of Design MICA Social Design with $15,000 scholarship Parsons Design and Technology with 20% scholarship
  3. I graduated from a liberal arts college with an unrelated major two years ago. I am currently working as a data visualization analyst. I am interested in either HCI or Human Factors for Masters; i'm not thinking of phD as I don't have any research experience. My biggest concern is that I have a low GPA of 2.9 and withdrew psychology research method class my senior year. I also took intro to psych classes (both social and natural) and a community psychology class. Would going back to school to take a research method classes be helpful to enhance my admissions? Or should i just keep focus on bui
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