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  1. So, apparently whether or not you've heard back has to do with what country you've applied to. According to various reddit pages, many--if not most--of the European countries began sending out notifications at the beginning of January: https://www.reddit.com/r/fulbright/. There have also been notifications going out from some Asian countries, but not a lot. Whether or not you're an ETA vs. research applicant also factors in to when you're notified. That said, you basically have to check your email everyday from now until the 31st because, depending on the country you applied to, the notificati
  2. Other than going through last year's forum and creating a spreadsheet based off of everyone's posts (which I know the Borens did, but I don't think last year's Fulbrighters did), I'm not really sure where else to find any statistics. I'll just wait until they update it, hopefully a month from now.
  3. @Jjjuliannn Honestly, I don't blame you. Just make sure that you still make a compelling case for funding besides that reason. I was looking at the statistics page and, even when only one person applied to Timor-Leste, it still said "0 awards granted". Watching the webinars really helps. I missed the first one for this cycle but there's one on April 23. You should check it out.
  4. NO, YOU ARE NOT STUPID! It's a pretty smart strategy considering it would essentially guarantee you admission (assuming they don't decide to reallocate funds to a different area). If Bundism and eastern Europe is where your heart is and there's a huge chance of you making it over there with virtually no competition, go for it! I'm not sure about the award being a one time thing. From what I've read, it's a combination of factors including varying priorities, funding for that year, and the applicant pool among other things.
  5. @Adelaide9216 Ah, I see. Well, not even residents are eligible to apply, only citizens. If you're a dual citizen that's a different story, but if you only have Canadian citizenship then I can only hope your country has research grant programs that they offer. I'm sorry to say that, unless I missed something, you can't take advantage of the Fulbright...
  6. @Adelaide9216 You can apply to either France itself, or French speaking countries in Sub-Saharan Africa. You can even apply to Caribbean countries that speak French like Haiti. Below are the links to each region and the general requirements for the countries in that region. As long as you're still pursuing your doctorate's and don't already posses the degree, then you can apply. I hope this helps! Sub-Saharan countries: https://us.fulbrightonline.org/countries/selectedregion/23 Western Hemisphere (Caribbean) countries: https://us.fulbrightonline.org/countries/selectedregion/18
  7. This is my first time applying for the Fulbright so I'm learning as I go (kind of by lurking in previous years' forums). I'm applying for the ETA award, including the CLEA supplement, for India. I feel like there's a good chance since 25 awards were available last cycle. But, there were 80 for Japan (or was it Korea?)! So, the odds might be better if I applied to go there... I'm most likely going to stick with India though and work on my Hindi. What about you guys?
  8. Salutations Fulbright Hopefuls! The application cycle for this year is now open and most, if not all, of the applicants from last year's forum were already notified of their results. Congrats to last cycle's applicants because all of you are awesome! Now, it's our turn to go on this journey! This is a great place to ask questions, understand the process, and just hang out. I look forward to hyperventil--I mean waiting with you all. Here's to hoping we make it!
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