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  1. Just curious, why do you still want to consider columbia if you didn't get a good impression from the interviews? You're always going to find someone who will advocate for a program but that doesn't mean it's right for you. Go to a place where you had great interviews and like people you've talked to. Don't over think it and you'll be fine.
  2. I wouldn't be too direct about it. Maybe say something like "I really enjoyed the visit, it was a fantastic program etc." From what I heard, the likeliness of someone attending is considered.
  3. nope. at least not of the program? their multiple appointments/affiliations confuses me
  4. yeah, I got an unofficial acceptance today
  5. How do you feel about your programs now that you're on the other side? I know research fit is very important, but putting that aside, is doing research in a different city really all that different? do you think you'd be able to get a similar educational experience elsewhere? Please and thank you!
  6. sorry poor choice of words, I meant the only way he won't get in would be if he comes across as racist
  7. apply anywhere you want. apart from being a blatant racist you'll get in.
  8. I'm sorry to hear about your struggles. This is just coming from my experiences, so make of it what you will. Unfortunately GPA is very much a consideration for potential grad students. However, A solid GRE(as high as you can) will alleviate some concerns over your GPA, or at least get your application past initial glances. Every school is different so just focus on improving what you still have control over. In your case, and probably every other case too, I would definitely ask your letter writers for advice on programs and PIs with related research, It's mind boggling how chummy
  9. Try using NIH reporter (just google "nih reporter") and look up keywords(virology/immunology or be as specific as you want) and it'll show funded projects with PI's/institutions/funding amount/ and project descriptions. I think there's an actual "related projects" search once find an interesting one. It's a great way to get started plus it'll save you the trouble of shuffling through program websites one by one. I would also consider overall funding, like @Bioenchilada said, to get a sense of how much support a school can provide; more money is never a bad thing(in this case at least). A
  10. Well I pretty much applied to the program because there was this one guy I wanted to work with, and I've been talking to him a bit and it looks like he won't be taking new students. I was a little interested in a 1-2 other people, but after the interviews it looked like they were taking their research in directions that differed from my interests. am I being too rash??
  11. I do agree with you guys. The quality and level of involvement make a HUGE difference in terms of research experience. My first year I was doing maybe 20 hours/week and the past half year (new lab) I've been involved 40-50 hours/week, and being involved full-time is a totally different ball game. My guess is the adcoms picked up on that. I've reached out to two programs, I applied to, and they've encouraged me to keep in touch with them, they want to "track my progress" and to actually reapply next year. So I'm very hopeful for the next cycle. either that or this could be the bait of the
  12. I thought it would be extremely helpful for everyone (or at least entertaining), to see what reasons certain programs gave for turning down amazing applicants such as yourselves. I'll start. I contacted a few schools and the majority told me that my research experience is what raised concerns over my application and that another year of experience would push me over the hump(I had about 1.5 years when I applied). I was told, specifically, that my GPA/GRE was not a concern (3.5 GPA/161Q157V for context).Is this just a general response? I'm interested to see what other reasons are out ther
  13. got placed on the waiting list for Duke(DSCB), was told I would get an answer before april? seems a little strange to me
  14. Rejected from 6 schools.... and one acceptance. I can't stop smiling! good luck to the rest of you!
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