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  1. Columbia Biological Sciences Wailtlist. The notification just came in today (and I haven't been interviewed yet). Should I still be optimistic about this?
  2. Hi! I am sorry for not phrasing it better before - I want to generate my own data and create pipelines to analyze it. But yes, I do realize that I see myself doing at least some benchwork. Thanks, again
  3. HI! Thanks for replying! The cost is quite high (as an Indian student), but things should work out. The course at GaTech is course based with an optional thesis, while the one at BU has a thesis requirement. In any case, I will pursue a project. Alumni from both have jobs or PhDs - so fingers crossed
  4. I'm a bit confused here. I've always wanted to work at the interface - generating my own data and then analyzing it (or something like this). Any more pearls of wisdom? And thanks
  5. So I got into the Bioinformatics Masters' programs in at Georgia Institute of Technology and Boston University. I also have an offer for the Biomedical and Molecular research Masters' program at King's College London. An advice on which program to choose? And I really hope this strengthens my PhD App in the future
  6. I sent an email to the MCB program coordinator at Stony Brook and got back this reply: "We will contact you soon as the committee completes their reviews of all the applicants." Does this mean I should expect a rejection?
  7. Hi! Just wondering if any of you've heard back from the BMCB program at Cornell. Thanks!
  8. Thanks a ton @biochemgirl67! Do they have any other interview weekends? Or just the one you're attending?
  9. Hi! Just wondering if any of you applied to the "Biology@Princeton" program and have heard back from them. Thanks!
  10. Are you talking about the Weill Cornell program or the Cornell BMCB program? I'd applied to the program at Cornell and haven't heard back yet :/
  11. I am overjoyed to see how much effort they put into rejecting me. Yay.
  12. Same. Is it just me or does the typo in the rejection letter makes it worse?
  13. You're not alone Hang in there. Things will get better (In the same boat. Hope is all I have - better to stay positive)
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