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  1. Thanks. Well it was more like a chit-chat rather than an interview. Most questions were casual -- like why do I want to attend MD Anderson, what am I interested in. None of the interviewers asked tough questions such as describe this pathway or so.
  2. It was really nice! I heard that they are having their last on-site interview week after two weeks. But I have no idea when they are having Skype interviews. If they don't answer your email, calling them is another option
  3. I'm an international applicant too, and I heard back from MD Anderson before Christmas. I am interviewing with them next week. I am not sure if they are done sending interview offers! Why don't you send an e-mail to them?
  4. Just accepted to Weill Cornell IMP! So excited! It's my top choice!
  5. Got a rejection mail from Sinai this morning (immunology MTA). so sad but good luck to other applicants!
  6. Not yet People who got accepted so far are neuro and CAB MTAs (correct me if I'm wrong!), so I guess each MTA sends out offers separately.
  7. I hope we are not rejects gonna wait till tmr
  8. Has anyone heard back from Mount Sinai? I see some people got an email on the result search.
  9. I didn't hear back from them too! I remember that they said the results will be sent out "as early as" today. I hope they send out tmr
  10. I am an international student from Korea too (not a neuro applicant tho). I heard back from UTH GSBS before Christmas, and I will be interviewing on Feb. 23 - 25.
  11. From the travel agent! They just asked me to send my info.
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