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  1. A great program! I'm happy to meet you if you come for an interview.
  2. also i know Princeton is done with invitations. Not sure about CSBi, but last year's invites came out around these days. good luck!
  3. To my knowledge, Harvard doesn't seem to have many comp. neuroscientists. MIT CSBi(comp and sys bio) is a good comp bio program but I'm not sure about the neuroscience part.
  4. The math score is good unless you want a more quantitative program like math or physics, but in that case you also need the subject GRE. GRE really doesn't matter much. I got into Harvard SysBio with a writing score of 3...
  5. So eagerly recruiting new people is very often a red light about that PI...
  6. Being a gopher myself and highly involved in the micro community, I can't recommend UMN microbiology more. And keep in mind there are several very cool microbiologists who are not actually in the microbiology department but in EEB and Biotechnology Institute.
  7. I think it is totally OK as long as your are polite and sincere during the call
  8. It's quite subject-dependent. Whereas liberal arts like history may require continuing reading and writing, for most science subjects slacking for few months is totally OK if you have had your courses solid.
  9. Harvard Systems Biology
  10. Email is definitely OK. A call may be even better
  11. Given the current NIH funding cutting and that UCSF relies heavily on NIH's money, Princeton may be a better choice
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