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  1. What about the 2-year home residency requirement for J-1 visa??
  2. Your description sounds a little like ADD to me. I suggest seeing a professional/therapist, maybe try cbt ,exercise + meditation or short term medication if needed ??
  3. Hey guys, international student here. Can you help me rank these programs in terms of how difficult they are to get into ? I'm interested in their cognitive neuroscience/psychology ranks, if they are considered top tier, middle or low ranked. Florida state university Florida international univrsity university of Minnesota university of Oregon Suny-Birmingham Washington university in st. Louis
  4. Oh man , did you email them yourself ? I think that they are not going to dignify my existence by sending a rejection email.😐😐
  5. I understand how soul-crushing the application process could get. I applied to a few neuroscience programs and was rejected. I think it depends a little bit on your major, that is international applicants with an engineering or computer/physics background have an even better chance of getting into some biology programs because of the huge amount of data that need to be handled even in biological sciences.(or I might be wrong) Also from a few successful cases that I've seen around me it's very helpful to be involved with a big name researcher and be part of a top journal/conference publi
  6. Thanks but are international applicants eligible for these positions? I once applied for one in Uni of Toronto and they said you have to be a Canadian citizen/ permanent resident ...?
  7. They are still reviewing applications and more invitations will be sent in the upcoming weeks. Good luck to everyone who applied there !
  8. Well , I had 5 months research experience in a computational neuroscience lab( no pub) and I did all the statistical analysis and programming in my thesis and my other projects myself . But I was basically told by NYU psychology PI that the main reason I was rejected was because I didn't have a more clear mathemtical background . I think that should be something which is learned through grad school and not an entry requirement for a "psychology" program
  9. Hi Guys, So this is a summary of my application: International student Degree: Medical Degree (MD) - ( not in north america) medschool GPA = 3.25 Toefl ibt = 112/120 GRE: Q=163(83%) - V=159(83%) - W=4 3 poster presentation in cognitive neuroscience ( I was the single only author of all) My MD thesis is in cognitive neuroscience under publication. Applied to : BU ( psychology BBC) NYU ( psychology) albert einstein ( biomed) uni of rochester (Brain and cognitive science) Dartmouth (PBS) Uni of Washington (psychology)
  10. Me too. I've applied to 6 schools not a word from any of them . I emailed about ten of my favorite professors discussing my research background, NONE responded. I have just finished Medical School in my home country with above average numbers, so I know I'm not that dumb .....but still......?
  11. International student here, I applied to a couple of cognitive neuroscience programs and haven't heard a thing from any of them: NYU (cog psych) albert einstein (Neuro) Boston( cog Psych) Dartmouth ( Brain sciences) Rochester ( Brain and Cognition) Uni of Wash (psych) I have lost all hope... Does anyone have any news about these programs?
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