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  1. I know this happened last year in March at my undergrad institution. The PI is really well respected, it just didn't work out with any of the people they interviewed.
  2. First of all, congrats on your interview! I HATE interviews and was a nervous wreck applying to lab manager jobs last year. It turned out that I actually enjoyed the PI interviews more than speaking with the current lab managers & grad students. Usually the students/managers asked more typical "job" questions, e.g. "what are your weaknesses, give an example of a conflict you've had to handle..." which I find to be a nightmare. With PIs, it was always just a conversation about research that flowed really naturally. Have a spiel prepared about a project you've been working on (i
  3. Don't write off Philadelphia completely! I'm not sure exactly what "outdoorsy" things you're into, but Philly has beautiful parks and hiking trails, is within driving distance of the Poconos, and a train ride away from the beach. Philly also has more of a cozy, small town feel than larger cities like New York or Chicago. I'm in a similar situation (but opposite: I love northeastern cities and will probably go to school in a smaller town the deep south), so I get it, but if you think LaSalle offers a better education, it might be worth going into with an open mind. Disclaimer: I'm a
  4. LOL you're right, I truly suck. Honestly though if he's gonna put it out there in public with his name on it that's on him...it's not like he can ever bring it up if he finds out I posted this
  5. YEAH and what makes it worse is that he tried to ask me about super hero movies as small talk during the visit and I hated them even before I found his weird library
  6. alright so I posted this in another thread and got no replies. Hoping someone here will have sagacious advice for me. I'm lucky to have two great programs to choose from, but I feel like I could very easily fuck this up and regret it for the rest of my life. Here are the highlights: Program 1 pros: slightly better research fit, overall "fit" (whatever that is) felt best during visit weekend, PI is brand new faculty so super motivated to be productive & has a flexible mentoring style, other faculty in the same area are super warm and supportive, and have already expressed interes
  7. Alright y'all, I'm in a serious pickle. I'm lucky to have two great psych PhD programs to choose from, but I feel like I could very easily fuck this up and regret it for the rest of my life. Any insight would be appreciated. Program 1 profile: Elite private school in a cool city. Relatively well-known PI who is friendly with my undergrad advisors. PI's current and previous students have nothing but great things to say, and I think her mentorship style is a good fit. Female PI (my general preference) who seems super nurturing and has already expressed interest in my personal life. Super sm
  8. Anotha one!! School: Florida State Concentration: Developmental Type: PhD Date: 2/11 Notified by: email from PI happy #WomenInScience Day!
  9. Is it appropriate to ask a PI who accepted me (yay!) whether they made any other offers? They currently don't have any students, so knowing who else (or at least how many others) I might end up working with will play into my decision. My current PI and the grad students in our lab actually encouraged me to ask this, but I'm not quite sure how to word it. I don't want to come off as if I'm asking because I want reassurance that I'm special and the only one they picked or something, ya know?
  10. I just got a schedule with SEVEN faculty interviews and a grad student one-on-one. What in tarnation. I'm exhausted in advance
  11. Update, in case anyone is having similar anxieties: They pretty much just said "We've already talked about research, so do you have any questions for me?" and I pulled out my notebook list of questions like a fuckin dweeb (hopefully having a list didn't hurt me...I just knew I would forget to ask something important) and the first question I asked turned into a free-flowing, actually enjoyable conversation. I *hate* interviews and it was a genuine pleasure. Have fun and good luck yall!!
  12. I interviewed at what I *thought* was my last-choice program this week and fell in love!! I'm obsessed! But i also hate making decisions so i'm kind of hoping (if i get an offer here) that i hate visiting my first-choice next week...
  13. What should I expect from a 45 minute in-person interview with the faculty I already skyped with in December? I.e., since we already discussed both of our research interests, mentor/mentee style fit, etc., will the in-person interview be redundant? Or will it be more casual...or will they expect me to have grown impeccably in the two months since we last spoke and completely blow them away with new information?? My interview is in two days and I'm just now starting to worry about this HELP
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