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  1. I have heard NYC schools are not that friendly towards international students but I could be wrong. I mostly apply for umbrella program with a concentration for developmental bio. I did my undergrad and master mostly in biophysics but I'm really interested in developmental. I'm now applying for jobs it's just so tiring like a never-ending process of applications.
  2. Not really. They are pretty generic rejection letters. When I applied all my advisors were like look here and there and we will give you good recs. You are gonna be a great candidate and get into great programs. Well obviously that did not turn out well. I didn't really decide to apply until the last two weeks so I was kinda scrabbling to get everything together. I figured that is probably the weakest point in my application. Uconn is my backup school. I have done the interview it went fine. I'm now just waiting to apply for some RA jobs and see what's the next step.
  3. I know it's always hard for international students to apply for life science programs because of the funding issues. I was rejected by most of the programs that I have applied (In retrospect, I should not have applied for all top programs, especially in the medical schools)MSK, Weil-Cornell, Rockefeller, Columbia Medical Campus, NYU Sackler Mount Sinai and Cold spring harbor and UCSF all said no. Only one interview offered from Uconn Health Center. Still waiting on more decisions but currently, do not have much hope. I did my undergrad in a top20 liberal arts college GPA 3.6/4.0 (I know it's n
  4. Yeah just the umbrella program with no indicated specialties. You got invited for immunology?
  5. Anybody hear back from Columbia Medical Center? I know there are some specialized programs but I applied for umbrella Anyone has any news on the umbrella program?
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