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  1. To the person who posted interview info from Adelphi yesterday, did you just receive notice yesterday? And was it another mass email?
  2. Hi! So I have recently accepted the crushing defeat that came with not being called to interview at any PhD program I applied to. So now I am back to focusing on Masters programs. My concern is that my current GPA at the school I am at is a 3.9, however my GPA from the community college I attended prior is a 2.0 (transferred from community to private college after earning AA) - I am wondering how much this May effect my masters acceptance chances so I can be sure to apply to enough schools to ensure an acceptance somewhere. I also explain the early failures in my essay, and expl
  3. Columbia Teacher’s College has a psych faculty member who focuses in spirituality and mindfulness - I’m not sure if they’re necessarily geared towards teaching people to teach but worth looking in to!
  4. I just spoke to someone in the psych department at Rutgers she said the faculty will be sending out interview invitations until the end of the month for clinical psychology
  5. Also to the person who got An interview invite from Rutgers can you please let me know if it was a mass email, and who your POI was?
  6. I haven’t checked my email this much... ever I know to expect one rejection, but the others notoriously notify within the next 2 weeks. Let’s hope I survive that long LOL
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