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  1. Not really. I did that for a couple of programs. They know we are waiting, so they understand. Just make sure you call/ask for the program coordinator. S/he will have all the info you need!
  2. So, to whoever got the FIU cognitive neuroscience interview invite, would you mind sharing your POI's initial here? Thank you! :)
  3. What do you mean by informal invites? Will the people in the short list receive an email from their POIs this week and then the formal invite from the program director next week?? Thank you for the update!!
  4. I applied to cognitive neuro And I was told they started reviewing apps this past Friday and that we should be hearing back sometime this week or early next week. I know it's not the same area, but since we are in the non-clinical group, maybe we'll find out around the same time. Best of luck!
  5. Hey if you hear back from them, would you mind sending me a DM??
  6. I was told they started reviewing apps yesterday (Friday) so this week is results week at FIU! Good luck!!
  7. One fall doesn't define you or your ability to thrive. Yes, it hurts and it sucks, but just keep in mind that it's your attitude towards difficult moments what truly defines you. Accept the fall and keep going. Whatever happens, do not stop. Someone may have said no, but someone else may say yes tomorrow. And btw, this isn't the first time I apply to grad school and I have already been rejected by one of the programs I applied to this year. Just keep the hope alive!
  8. Applied to UMass Boston experimental program, but name differences definitely make this confusing lol Thank you for the update and I'll keep you posted on UMKC!
  9. My bad...never specified...this whole thing of waiting is messing with my brain. I applied to the Developmental and Brain Sciences program at UMB (haven't seen anything on the results page) and for the other 3 (URI, ECU, UMKC) it's Clinical Psychology.
  10. Has anyone heard from the University of Rhode Island?? I noticed someone posted s/he received an interview invite yesterday... I would also appreciate any info on University of Missouri-Kansas City, East Carolina University, and University of Massachusetts Boston. Thanks guys!
  11. Hey, if you do not mind, could you share the initials of the Stanford POI that called you?? Feel free to send me a DM and thank you for sharing this info!!
  12. Thank you both for your answers! As one of you said, "low-key losing my mind" too lol I'll keep waiting till next week...I was also thinking that maybe clinical apps were reviewed first, so I guess wait till next Wednesday or so? I'll keep you posted as soon as I hear something!
  13. Has anyone heard anything about FIU (cognitive neuroscience)??? Thank you!
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