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  1. I received this email as well. I asked the person who sent it what masters program they were referring to, because a masters doesn’t exist in clinical psych and there is not doctoral track in their only masters program. He said it’s for students who are admissible to the PhD program, but don’t have their master’s yet. He said that you go directly into the doctoral program after the masters is complete. In other words, referring to the non-terminal masters that you pick up along the way to a PhD. I think this may be good news, in which case I will be an incredibly happy person!!!
  2. That moment when your last hope is UMKC, and you see a call come in from a Kansas City number... But it's just one of those spam calls. My heart literally stopped.?
  3. LOL I have 90% given up on getting interviews anywhere, and then I got that email and thought there was hope for a second. So mean ?
  4. I would also like to know the initials! I saw one of you posted them, but could the other one send them my way? Thanks!
  5. There have been exactly three postings for UMass Boston, only two of which were for psych programs. They were both for school psychology. I think you must be confusing this with Boston University. Careful what you’re putting out there? Im waiting on UMKC for clinical as well, and haven’t seen anything.
  6. Okay y’all. It’s time to start making fake emails ? so many schools are releasing interviews much later than previous years and I just want to know whether or not to be hopeless!
  7. I haven't, also wondering if interviews have been sent out. Everyone I heard from who had an interview was adult track, which is technically a different department, so I'm holding out hope.
  8. Friendly reminder that if you’re an applicant, even if it’s your second year of applying, you have absolutely no right to tell someone that a piece of their application must be weak if they aren’t getting offers. That’s not how the clinical psych world works. There are more competitive applicants than there are spots, so a lot of it is luck. Social capital also comes into play, so check your privilege. End rant.
  9. This is great news! I am waiting on UNCG as well. Thanks for reaching out to them!
  10. Can the person who has an interview with Boston College clarify what psychology program they applied to, or send me the initials of their POI? Thanks!
  11. Looking for an opinion: I have been asked to present to a group of 50+ school counselors on special populations (the population I am hoping to work with/the focus of my research) at a day long event, as well as a presentation at a separate conference in the spring. Is it worth reaching out to my remaining POIs to tell them that I'll be adding two more presentations to my CV? This is similar to presentations that I have on my CV already... Is it better to just wait and use it as info to share if I manage to get an interview?
  12. Can the people who received interview invitations from University of Kansas (or Kansas University as someone posted it...) DM me their POI or tell me if they applied to CCP? Thanks!
  13. Can the person who received an interview offer for University of Kansas specify if it was Child track or not? Congratulations!
  14. Could the person who received a rejection from Boston College let me know what concentration they applied to? It just says psychology. Hang in there everyone! The interview invitations tend to roll in this week!
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