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  1. I'm sorry if this has already been asked, but what does it mean if you show up to interview day and you are not interviewing with your POI? I interviewed yesterday at a school and they had me interview with two faculty (another faculty who is taking students and one who isn't). Is this generally a bad sign? I'm confused because the e-mail inviting me to interview day was from my POI, but then I only got a chance to talk with her briefly during lunch time on interview day.
  2. Could the person who got accepted to the KU counseling psych program please message me your POI? Thank you!!
  3. School: University of Missouri - Kansas City Type: Counseling Psychology Ph.D. Date of invite: 12/19 Type of invite: Email from POI Interview date(s): 2/28
  4. School: University of Kansas Type: Counseling Psychology Ph.D. Date of invite: 12/21 Type of invite: Email from POI Interview date(s): 1/31
  5. I saw rejections for UMKC on the results page, but has anyone heard about interview invites/dates?
  6. I'm waitlisted at one school (UMKC) for a psych PhD and I wish I knew how many people were ahead of me. It's so nerve wracking not knowing how long the waitlist is.
  7. This happened to me for one school this year as well! I'm not really sure what the reason could be, so I'm wondering this too!
  8. Has anyone heard from UMKC yet? Previous years predict that they should send out invites within the next couple days!
  9. Has anyone heard anything from Kansas clinical child or UMKC? Getting desperate!!
  10. Can the person who recently posted about an invite to UMSL message me their POI? Thanks!
  11. Can the most recent interview invite for UMSL message me your POI? Thank you and congratulations!
  12. Hey! Has anyone heard from the University of Kansas, The University of Missouri (Kansas City or St. Louis), Saint Louis University, or Loyola? Thank you!
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