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  1. Now that application season is pretty much over, I've been able to get some feedback regarding my application. Some have pointed to weaknesses in my statement of purpose that I'm not exactly sure how to improve. With that being said, is there anyone that has been admitted this cycle or a previous one that would be willing to send me their successful SOP as an example? I'm mostly looking for ways to better express my interests and passions, as I have been told I was not the most successful in that area.
  2. Happy Friday everyone! Has anyone used any online GRE prep courses that were helpful? Here's some background: I am hopeful to re-apply this coming cycle for Clinical Psychology PhD Programs. Most POIs who offered me feedback on my applications pointed to my lower than stellar GRE scores. I really want to get these up in time to apply, so I'm thinking I'll need to take the test no later than September. The biggest issue is that I have been out of school for some time and don't remember much of the math. I also work full-time, so getting to an in-person prep course would be difficult. Any insight would be very appreciated
  3. That would be great if you are willing to share your list. Thank you!
  4. Thanks for the insight! I am curious, though, what do you mean when you said you applied to labs where could bring something "new to?" Additionally, how did you go about improving your interviewing skills?
  5. Yes, if someone turns down the initial offer on the 15th, it is possible you will hear after that.
  6. have you looked at the faculty at each school? I would go to the school that has the most faculty that studies the topics you want to study, regardless of length. that way, when the next cycle comes around, you could potentially be applying to someone's lab who you know personally and have already done work with. if you're still unsure, i would also reach out to nyu and let them know that you are waiting to hear back from a few other programs and ask if it would be ok to postpone your decision. Hope that helped and congrats on your offer!
  7. Getting a little ahead of myself here, but am in the same boat and was wondering if people who are re-applying are just going to re-use their old SOPs with some updates or re-do the entire thing? I'm especially curious when applying to the same school/poi as the last cycle...
  8. Does anyone know when the invitations for Saint Louis University will go out? I know they said late January, but was hoping for something more specific
  9. I personally would not ask until March when all interviews have been conducted and people have time to accept/decline offers
  10. It just says that they are still considering my application and that i have been placed on the wait list... so i'd assume, in that case, for admission? it looks like there are also a handful of other people who were also waitlisted.
  11. Good Morning Everyone, If I received an email indicating that I have been wait listed for a school, but the email didn't contain any interview information, should I be prepared for a last minute interview? Just curious if I would be called last minute or if I would only hear back AFTER interviews...
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