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  1. I wish I didn't even waste my time applying this cycle, wow.
  2. Does anyone have any intel on Clinical PhD interviews for - - University of Washington - University of Maryland (College Park) - University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign - Syracuse
  3. Okay so I had an interview 3 weeks ago and haven't heard anything. I've heard from all other programs I interviewed for but am holding out for this one. Is it too soon to email my POI? Should I wait another week or 2?
  4. Yeah, I think I will if I don't hear anything in the upcoming work week. It's tricky, because if I am not getting into a program then I want to start a new day job ASAP. To me it seems like I should assume the worst, start the job interviewing/applying process now on the assumption it'll take at least a month, and hopefully by the time I'm getting job offers I have more clarity about grad school. Not ideal by any means. I've started explaining this process to people as applying for 1 spot out of hundreds of applicants (which is really what it is). I'm sad to think of how much peopl
  5. I had a similar experience with one of my interviews. The whole experience was bizarre/Lynchian/unsettling. However, I feel like it was good to see what a 'bad' (for me) program looks like in comparison to my other interviews. It's been a month since my top choice interview and I haven't heard anything or seen anything on this website so I'm beginning to think I'll need to apply again...how I will stay motivated is a mystery. I've always been very active and self motivated but I think this might be the first time in my life I'm experiencing burnout. A big concern is figuring out what to
  6. Truly sorry to have offended you by making a joke! This was really disappointing to wake up to.
  7. I used the term 'love' repeatedly in my recent interview. I guess I'm not getting in! Drat
  8. If anyone has heard from Delaware post-interview please DM me
  9. Is it rational to worry if people don't respond to your thank you emails?
  10. That's genuinely how I would describe it! There were no hard or trick questions. All the faculty I met with were lovely. I would've loved to have more interviews (for obvious reasons of better likelihood of getting into a program) but also just to talk to more people! It was really validating to talk enthusiastically about research after this sort of demoralizing process. If I end up needing to apply again I'm going to do my best to hold onto this feeling, as tough as that may be. Good luck and get some sleep!
  11. I'm reading my POI's papers for my interview this week and am SO excited and confident in pursuing this career path. Literally cannot wait to meet them and learn more about their work. After having 1 interview already, I was shocked that interviews are not scary and are actually kind of fun? It's really nice to talk about your passions and intellectual curiosities with like minded people. Good luck to everyone else on their interviews!
  12. American and Columbia posters, please PM me your POI! Congrats to all!
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