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  1. Thank you for sharing! Good luck on your interview :) If the interview week is so soon they're probably done extending it right? Sigh. Well, closure is something!
  2. Hi! Just wondering if it's normal to not get a schedule for the interview weekend! My first one is this Thursday and I am freaking out with uncertainty as I was not provided with any information except who is picking me up and who is housing me. Also, is it typical to room with another applicant? How awkward it might be if we are interviewing for the same person...
  3. Thanks for clarifying! Their new system is giving me so much anxiety..... I got their first mass email about Jan 15th but not this one ahaha. What is going on!!!
  4. Has anyone heard from University at Albany for their clinical psychology PhD program? Would appreciate any insight
  5. They were mass email invites! So I am not sure if PI initials will be helpful sorry!!
  6. Has anyone received in-person invitations at Umass Boston (I saw a couple of prelim phone interviews), UCLA, or University at Albany for clinical psychology Ph.D programs?
  7. I don't know about FIU (also waiting) but U Miami's interview is next Thursday. All invitations have been extended.
  8. Me too please! Any info would be greatly appreciated!!
  9. Hm.. I am not sure. They may just not know whether they will be funded or not and extend interviews just in case? I remember the POI in my old lab reviewed applications even though she didn't have to accept a new student. She went into it with the mindset that if she found someone amazing, she will pull together the funds to extend a spot. But, there could really be a million reasons!
  10. I was notified via personal email after a phone interview!
  11. Has anyone heard from Albany for clinical psychology Ph.D?? If so, were they mass invites?
  12. I think they finished the application review last week. I don't think the in-person invitations have made it all out yet.
  13. Thanks for sharing! This is super helpful!!
  14. Does anyone know what the FIU in-person interview dates are?
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