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  1. jlmk42

    Fall 2019 Psychology PhD Applicants!

    Honestly, youre in the same boat as me! Ill be giving lab tours to perspective phd students (who got interviews)-- sooo freaking CLOSE! I am still hoping to hear back ~something~ from UMB, but at this point... Im presuming rejection. Just got to train myself to refocus that energy!! But I feel you, dude!
  2. jlmk42

    Fall 2019 Clinical Psych Interview Invites

    Me as well, please? Congrats as well!!
  3. Hello! So, I just finished my first application cycle and it isn't looking good (probably not getting in this round). Is it recommended that when I let professors know of my rejections, that I could still mention how I hope to apply next year and potentially ask them for LOR? I was not sure if thats recommended, if I plan to apply to the same programs and then use same people for LOR??
  4. jlmk42

    Fall 2019 Clinical Psychology Applicants (PhD, PsyD)

    anyone hear back from Umass Boston at all? I emailed the clinical coordinator, but have not heard back ... Im trying so hard to be patient!!
  5. jlmk42

    Fall 2019 Clinical Psychology Applicants (PhD, PsyD)

    I posted this in another forum as well, but I just saw the poster question in results. I emailed Boston University and they let me know that all invites have been extended
  6. jlmk42

    Fall 2019 Psychology PhD Applicants!

    UPDATE: I emailed Boston University and they told me all invites have been extended, congrats everyone who received one! ((this was for the Clinical PhD))
  7. jlmk42

    Fall 2019 Psychology PhD Applicants!

    Ah, I know I've seen some posts before.. but anyone hear anything yet from Suffolk, UMass Boston, or BU (I assume their invites all went out... but I also saw a new update in the results so I am not sure if they are trickling in)? I know Suffolk said their deadline is January 25th, but its been silence from them this week... Im going absolutely insane between the constant refreshing and minor panics whenever my phone goes off!! ((also, spam calls are indeed The Worst!!))
  8. jlmk42

    Fall 2019 Clinical Psych Interview Invites

    Oh yeah, I actually work at a neighboring university and it is definitely a mess out here! I know this is also the first day back of the semester so its very busy... hopefully things will turn up in the next few days once it warms up a bit. Definitely will hold back on the emails then, at least for a few days ((stay warm..))
  9. jlmk42

    Fall 2019 Clinical Psych Interview Invites

    I am waiting on them too, I was thinking about emailing tonight/tomorrow if I do not hear anything today. Good luck!
  10. jlmk42

    I is stressed *Non-Judgmental Space for PhD Applicants*

    OOf, first real post in this forum (typically lurking...but love this sense of community!) --and this is my first time application cycle and YIKES. I have not heard anything... one school seems to have sent out everything (i think), and one POI from another seems to be reaching out for some informal interviews.. but does anyone have insight into how important those informal video/phone interviews are to the process? For this particular POI (who I did apply to work with), seems like they have talked to a few people about an informal date... but... does this mean I should just prepare myself for the "letting go" process for this program until next year? ((and to all those feeling the phantom vibrations of their phone... absolutely the same, all day...CONSTANTLY!))
  11. jlmk42

    Fall 2019 Clinical Psych Interview Invites

    Hi, I saw a few Boston University invites were sent out yesterday-- does anyone know if all have been sent out? (Also, congrats to those invited!!)

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