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Fall 2019 Clinical Psych Interview Invites

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We should be hearing about interviews pretty soon! 

Here's a template for the info to post that was used last year:


Type: PhD/PsyD

Date of invite:

Type of invite: Mass email, email from POI, phone call, etc.

Interview date(s):

Good luck, everyone!

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I’ve heard back from one school so far already!

School: George Fox University

Type: PsyD

Date of Invite: November 29

Type: email from Asst Director of Admissions

Interview Date: Feb 15


good luck everyone! I’m waiting to hear back from 3 other schools: U of Mass- Bos, U of Minnesota-Minneapolis, George Washington U

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58 minutes ago, brainwrangler said:

Are phone/Skype interviews fair game for this post? If so:

School: U of Arizona Clinical Psych

Type: PhD

Date of invite: Dec 3

Type of invite: Email from POI

Interview date(s): Invited to interview "this week or early next week"

Yes, I think phone/skype interviews should definitely be posted!  Thank you - congrats!

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17 minutes ago, psychappsf19 said:

To the person who got the UDelaware interview invite-- which PI was it? Thanks so much!


On 12/5/2018 at 7:02 PM, rl12345 said:

The person who posted in the results section that they got an interview for Berkeley - any chance you can indicate which PI? And was it an email from the PI, or a general email from the department? 

Where are these results being posted? Thanks!

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On 12/5/2018 at 2:31 PM, InfiniteLoop said:

School: Florida State University

Type: PhD

Date of invite: 12/5

Type of invite: Email from POI

Interview date(s): 1/25-27

If you don't mind me asking, who is the PI you are hoping to work with? And did you hear directly from them?

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School: University of Alabama

Type: PhD

Date of invite: Dec. 8., 2018

Type of invite: Email from current graduate student of PI inviting me to phone interview with them 

Interview date(s): Sometime this week

Can’t believe I have something to add here so early! Equal parts excited/terrified. 

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14 minutes ago, checkingmyemail said:

Email invites on the weekend... OK I’M JEALOUS ?

I totally didn’t expect it when I opened my email, I didn’t know anyone sent anything on weekends! ? Phone interview tips or commonly asked questions, anyone?

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