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  1. Hi guys, Any thoughts on what is an appropriate way to thank your LOR writers? I'm thinking of writing a handwritten note and mailing it to them, but does anyone else do something more elaborate?
  2. InfiniteLoop


    You should relax and wait it out. I just got an offer after being placed on a waitlist. Stay strong:)
  3. Does anyone have any information on where Florida State is in their selections? Have they sent out acceptances to anyone yet?
  4. School: University of Southern Mississippi Concentration: Clinical--adult track Type: PhD Date of acceptance: 02/20/19 Notified by: Phone call from POI
  5. Hi would you mind sending me a private message with you POI? Thank you:)
  6. I heard a bunch of applicants were waiting to hear from WUSTL. No one has heard anything yet. Don't know about the rest.
  7. What are your GREs and what schools did you apply to? Make sure your letters of recommendation are from people who know you really well and are writing stellar letters. I don't think they necessarily need to know anyone there, but from working on the other side of the review process, there are very specific key words in letters that signal differences in quality among candidates that you only really notice after reading hundreds of these LORs. That said, what are your GREs and what schools did you apply to?
  8. I just got back from my first interview and my advice is to learn as much as you can about your PI's work. Get a feel of their publication history by reading abstracts going back in their career and read a few of their papers (3-5) related to their current work. This is not a research project and no one will grill you on their current research - in fact, I found that my PI and the lab members were very excited to tell me about their work and having questions about the work that they were doing was not frowned upon. Be honest when you are not familiar with a topic they are speaking about - most are totally happy to explain it to you or point you to resources to learn more - but acting like you know will make you look phony. Basically, know what you are interested in and want to talk about beforehand through your research, but be ready to learn a lot. Some of the research you will learn about is likely unpublished or starting up in the future and you won't know about it until you get there. Soak it all in, try to imagine how you could see yourself participating, and get excited about discussing it with top-notch researchers - they will definitely notice your enthusiasm. At the end of the day, the faculty only bring in people for interview that they believe can do the work. The interview is to evaluate how well you will fit in with everyone there. So, don't worry about knowing everything heading in - this will come with time - and just try to learn as much as you can and be enthusiastic about the possibility of working in lab that is doing key research in your topic of interest!
  9. Definitely ask the second school about alternatives first. Then try to do both if you can.
  10. I would do both and drink coffee. They should have plenty. You made it this far - I think you should be able to handle operating on 4 or 5 hours of sleep for a couple of days.
  11. I just found out I am going to receive an invitation to interview on a date that I believe will end up being the same as an interview I already accepted. I think the best solution in this case is to thank the second program and ask about alternatives and be up front about the situation. If they say there are no alternatives, I would consider asking the first program if they offer any alternatives. In the end, if no one budges, I'll go to the school that asked first.
  12. It's happening. Congrats - I'm sure you earned it:) Keep that in mind when you are interviewing.
  13. I would like to know this as well if possible via DM.
  14. Would the person who got the invitation from SMU mind sending me a DM with their PI's initials?
  15. School: Florida State University Type: PhD Date of invite: 12/5 Type of invite: Email from POI Interview date(s): 1/25-27
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