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    Investigating the link between addictive behaviors and other comorbid conditions while also developing intervention strategies to prevent and reduce addictive coping strategies among problem users. Stigma may also create a barrier for individual’s to seek treatment, whether that be for a substance use problem itself or another comorbid condition. Developing anti-stigma interventions may deconstruct the potential barrier to seeking treatment among these individuals.
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    Clinical Psychology

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  1. School: University of Southern Mississippi Concentration: Clinical--child track Type: PhD Date of acceptance: 02/20/19 Notified by: Phone call from POI
  2. School: Saint Louis University Type: Clinical Psych PhD Date of invite: 01/24/2019 Type of invite: Email from Admin Assistant Interview date(s): Choose between 4 dates: 2/21, 2/22. 2/28, or 3/1
  3. Writing poetry in the mean time to keep me busy. Good luck to everyone! The waiting game The waiting game. Stressing, stressing, stressing. Thinking too much, not thinking enough. Concentration broken. Focus, focus, focus. Mundane tasks cannot provide the needed distraction. My mind questioning. Racing, racing, racing. Why not me? Why am I not enough? What else can I do? Thinking about the future I so desperately want and all that comes to mind is: Inadequate, inadequate, inadequate. I don’t deserve this. I should give up. But then, I remember the hard work over the years. Striving, striving, striving. To do better, to be better. Many sleepless nights reading, studying, writing. Diligent, diligent, diligent. And so, I hold out hope. Hope for my dreams and goals. Hope for a better tomorrow.
  4. School: University of Southern Mississippi Type: PhD Date of invite: 12/12/18 Type of invite: Phone call from POI Interview date(s): February 14th or 15th
  5. I applied to the Master's program at my undergraduate institution (University of Northern Iowa). They have a great program that offers both internal and external clinical practicum experiences as well as great assistantship opportunities. If you are an out-of-state student, they will only charge in-state tuition. I was also able to get my second year fully funded with a scholarship. The program is designed to be more of a stepping stone program into a PhD. It should be noted, however, that UNI does not offer a PhD program in Clinical so you would have to pursue that elsewhere. Here is a link to their website for you to look into it a little more: https://csbs.uni.edu/psych/clinical-science-emphasis Hope this helps!
  6. School: University of Missouri--St. Louis Type: PhD Date of invite: 1/12/2018 Type of invite: Email from program coordinator. Interview date(s): 1/29/2018
  7. I would also love this info. Congrats on the interview and thanks in advance
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