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  1. Thank you! I really enjoyed the program vibe and every faculty and student I met!
  2. DePaul University. Clinical Psychology, Community Track. Feel free to PM if you’ll be attending DePaul as well. I’d love to connect
  3. Yes. Sorry, I meant they’re not yet tenured. And I think one of them is very close to be up for tenure.
  4. Yes, I believe identifying a second POI is important in my case. Thank you!!
  5. As for acceptance difficulty, I really don't think there's a difference between clinical psychology and counseling programs because of the clinical vs counseling per se. I applied to both types and thought counseling programs were easier to get into. But in the end, I received more interviews from clinical programs and were accepted into more clinical programs. There are a lot of factors going into acceptance difficulty obviously, but in my case, I believe it's about the research fit with my mentor and program fit with my career goals. It'd be great if anyone could provide insight on my
  6. Both of my mentors who accepted me are young assistant professors and not on tenure tracks. Any advice on how to gauge if they have plans moving elsewhere in the near future? Thanks!!!
  7. The OP clearly stated there are major issues to be figured out with each program, and that’s why the OP hasn’t turned down any offer yet. Don’t see any problem with someone being scrutinized about that. However, I do agree that if someone is holding multiple offers just because they can, then that’s a different story. Please release your spots if you know for sure you’re not attending a certain program. Ps: please don’t continue the results page drama on this thread and please be supportive of each other. 🤨
  8. Thanks for the correction! I didn't know about this before!
  9. Anyone else hasn’t heard back from Miami Univeristy, Ohio, post-interview? I saw multiple posts for acceptance, waitlist, and rejection that came in various forms. It’s so strange that I didn’t hear anything. Hmmmm.
  10. Like Psyhopeful mentioned, people on this forum are graduate school applicants, so we’re still on our way trying to become psychologists. You can check out this website below instead, where there’re some psychology professionals on there (although most are clinical/counseling psychologists. https://forums.studentdoctor.net/forums/psychology-psy-d-ph-d.57/ However, the truth is also that you will get biased responses from any online forum. You might want to consider other survery methods such as emailing/calling psychologists. In addition, I know you didn’t ask this, but I
  11. School: DePaul University Concentration: Clinical Psychology PhD, Community Track Date of acceptance: 2/15/19 Feel free to message me about POI or chat about decision making if you received an offer from DePaul too!
  12. For people who attended the interview at DePaul University, could you PM me please? DePaul is one of my top choices and I have some questions that I hope to discuss with you all! Thanks!
  13. School: Southern Methodist University Concentration: Clinical Type: PhD Date of acceptance: 2/5/19 Notified by: Phone call from POI
  14. Thank you both! That’s what I thought too, but just wanted to make sure LOL.
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