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  1. PsychWannabee

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    Public school
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    Company policy
  3. PsychWannabee

    Fall 2019 Psychology PhD Applicants!

    A lot of UPenn clinical invites were sent out yesterday. I'm unsure about other disciplines
  4. PsychWannabee

    Fall 2019 Clinical Psychology Applicants (PhD, PsyD)

    Hi! I also had this situation and opted to stay with a graduate student just to avoid the early drive in the morning. It will also help you get more insider information and focus for the interview. The program knew I lived about an hour away and did not mind me asking to stay with a student. Hope this helps! Good luck on the interview
  5. PsychWannabee

    Fall 2019 Psychology PhD Applicants!

    I think you should just be straightforward about your interests! If you mentioned both POIs, your research interests probably connect the two seemingly different areas. Perhaps it is best to start your answers with a general statement of your research interests in which both areas connect/are mentioned, and follow up with something like "If I were to be given the opportunity to work with you, I would like to pursue..." and cater to each POI that way. However, you should probably talk to your mentor about how to handle the situation. They may have another (much better) suggestion! Good luck
  6. PsychWannabee

    Fall 2019 Clinical Psych Interview Invites

    Someone mentioned Kansas Clinical Child sent out all their invites yesterday
  7. PsychWannabee

    Fall 2019 Clinical Psychology Applicants (PhD, PsyD)

    No, it will not help strengthen your chances. It might just ease your anxiety if you know when the invites will be sent out. Once applications are under review, you can only wait. Contacting admissions in any way won't help.
  8. PsychWannabee

    Fall 2019 Clinical Psychology Applicants (PhD, PsyD)

    Personally, I would not do try to "sweet talk" them to try to increase my chances. I honestly don't think an email expressing interest would actually help. Some places might see it as a nuisance. They know you're interested because you applied. That said, some people email the program coordinators to inquire about when interviews will be sent out, and this usually works out fine. We're all incredibly anxious in this waiting period! It's okay Just hang in there!
  9. PsychWannabee

    Fall 2019 Clinical Psychology Applicants (PhD, PsyD)

    On the general psychology thread, someone posted about receiving an interview invite for the weekend of Feb 1 & 2
  10. PsychWannabee

    Fall 2019 Clinical Psychology Applicants (PhD, PsyD)

    They typically send out acceptances at the end of January. They may also do Skype interviews sometime in January, but I haven't seen any posts about those here. They typically admit without in-person interviews, and invite accepted applicants to their welcome weekend.
  11. PsychWannabee

    Question for people getting interviews!

    Hi! Please take everything I say with more than one grain of salt. This is my first time applying, so I virtually know nothing about the application process. However, I do have two interviews, and I would like to share my experience with that. To start off, I applied to many schools. Fifteen to be exact. All of these schools have faculty whose work I'm interested in to significant degree. Some are a perfect match, and others were overlapping interests without being exact. Some schools who have already sent out invites were where I had pretty close research interests but was not offered an interview. Some schools have not sent out invites, so I don't know yet. However, the two invitations I have received have been schools where I applied to faculty whose interests overlapped with mine, but the research match was not exact. I have a pretty high GPA, better than average GRE scores, BUT I only have one conference presentation, one year of research experience, no pubs, no network connections, no clinical experience, did not reach out to POIs before submitting, and I graduated from a university that is not well-known. So, I think my invites have been because they believe I can add something new to their research lab. I can't say for sure. The process is very individual. You are a very qualified applicant. I would argue definitely more qualified than me. However, you never know what a POI is exactly looking for. Also, we don't know you, your application, or your personal situation. We can give you advice on the forum, but we only know so much. I suggest you talk to your mentor or professors/PIs you know in the field and ask them for feedback on your application. If you had contact with any POI at the schools you applied to, ask them for feedback as well. These are the people who can really help you strengthen your application. For some people, it also helps to apply to a wide range of programs. BUT, there is still a possibility you receive good news from the 3 other schools! Don't lose hope Regardless of the outcome, you are qualified and worthy. Remember it often takes more than one try to get in!

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