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  1. PsychWannabee

    Keep A Word Drop A Word

    modern times
  2. PsychWannabee

    Passed over for Ford Foundation Pre-doctoral Fellowship

    Hi, welcome to the forum! I understand that this rejection stings. Rejection always hurts. However, you said the reviewers gave you high marks. That doesn't sound like they "deemed (your) project inadequate". They just felt other applicants suited the fellowship best. Similar to the way how grad schools make decisions. That said, I don't think the reviewers were "random academics", and I seriously doubt they "don't know what they're doing". Also, I'm not sure what position you're in to decide those who did get the fellowship don't deserve it. You said the person in your cohort had work that is as good as yours. Yes, the rejection feels terrible, but these are things you can't really blame others for. I'm sure your application was amazing. It just wasn't everything they were looking for.
  3. PsychWannabee

    Keep A Word Drop A Word

    cocktail dress
  4. PsychWannabee

    Fall 2019 Psychology - Where are you going?!

    Congrats! The people are awesome there
  5. PsychWannabee

    Scared to death about lab manager interviews!

    There's another one of these?! I knew there was one a few years ago, but not recently!
  6. PsychWannabee

    Fall 2019 Psychology - Where are you going?!

    Happy for ya! You're going to kill it in grad school!!
  7. PsychWannabee

    Keep A Word Drop A Word

    Power surge
  8. PsychWannabee

    RA or Masters for pre-Clinical Pysch PhD experience?

    I second what @ClinPsych591 said. Paid RA positions are great for experience and being a competitive applicant! I have seen people only suggest someone go the master's route as maybe opposed to an RA position in the following occasions: 1) they don't need a PhD for the career they want, 2) undergrad GPA is bad, or 3) they don't have a background in psychology in undergrad. Also, don't get discouraged! Plenty of people have to apply more than once to get into a clinical psych PhD. Best of luck with your next application round!!
  9. PsychWannabee

    The Positivity Thread

    My official acceptance letter came in!! Super excited to be headed to grad school this fall! 😭
  10. PsychWannabee

    Keep A Word Drop A Word

    Bike trail
  11. PsychWannabee


    You should probably check out this thread
  12. PsychWannabee

    Waitlist and Help Me Decide Thread 2019

    Tried to upvote this but GradCafe won't let me add anymore reactions 🤦‍♀️ Happy to see you posting again 😉
  13. PsychWannabee

    Waitlist and Help Me Decide Thread 2019

    I could absolutely NOT attend a program where the students seemed unhappy or fake. I do not care how prestigious it is. I could also not attend a place where my would-be advisor/mentor, and I did not seem to "click".
  14. PsychWannabee

    Fall 2019 Psychology - Where are you going?!

    I think this new thread is more for people to share where they have decided to attend rather than just where they have been accepted
  15. PsychWannabee

    I is stressed *Non-Judgmental Space for PhD Applicants*

    I got in as the middle interview!!

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