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  1. Hey all, I'm curious as to how others have built and maintained their support networks after moving to a new community to start a program. How long does it take you to adjust? Do you tend to stick within your cohort, use campus resources specifically for graduate/professional students, or something else? I feel like it took me a significant amount of time to establish a support network in my Master's program, but is COVID making it easier or harder for you all compared to "normal" times?
  2. That's not silly at all! That struggle of trying to find new places for food, entertainment, wellness, medical, etc. is REAL. I feel like I get such search fatigue between the app process and finding new businesses for my needs and leisure,
  3. I’m curious to know what the biggest stressors are for y’all once you’re actually moved into your new place. Making new friends? Finding new establishments (e.g. healthcare, entertainment, personal care/wellness spots, food/grocery, etc.)? Being away from family? Something else? Obviously the moving process itself is stressful, but post-move days aren’t a walk in the park either.
  4. I agree with the responses you’ve gotten so far. I’ll definitely be tweaking mine a lot and probably even re-emailing the POIs I emailed this past cycle and ask them to look out for my app again and update them on what I’ve done to try to improve my app.
  5. Yup I was so ready to be done with them. But at the end of the day, it was a really good learning experience that’s going to shape how I approach next cycle for sure.
  6. Working full-time and studying to take the GRE again 🙄. Out of 8 programs I applied to this cycle, I only received 1 interview, so I think my GRE scores are what did me in. I’m also planning on starting on my apps earlier than I did this past cycle. I realized I was so burnt out by the time I was working on my last app because I wanted to knock them all out within a relatively short period of time.
  7. I just came across this thread and am so thankful that it exists because it is so important and not talked about it enough. I have just finished my first cycle applying to clinical psych PhD programs and it took an exhausting toll on me. I would love to get this thread active again. What is the biggest void y’all have seen regarding grad student mental health? What coping/self-care methods have and haven’t worked for you? Hopefully we can give this thread some life again!
  8. Starting to feel very frustrated and discouraged after reading multiple posts in the clinical results recently about not hearing anything until applicants have reached out to the POI and asked about their status. I’m so tempted to take that step myself. This whole process is so cruel and excruciating. Kudos to all that have done this for multiple cycles, I am barely hanging on in my first!
  9. YES. Those acceptances are really making me worry. I’m resisting so much temptation to contact them and ask when we should hear back.
  10. I’m stressing about Clark too 😩. I went on the 8th and this wait to hear back is making me so anxious.
  11. That email from Clark I just got about following their grad studies blog just gave me a heart attack. 😓 This wait is killing me especially since a couple people have already gotten post-interview decisions 😭
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