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  1. I thank you for this. This is extremely helpful and invaluable! You're a saint for having compiled this.
  2. Hello there. I've recently begun postgraduate studies, but I'm currently on residency (which is akin to purgatory in academic terms, so I could finish a paper). I have been mulling about this since I started, but is publishing your research much more important than presenting your research -- since you'll actually be published? Or maybe I might not be comparing the two. Thank you so much for any comments or helpful advice. I'd really appreciate it.
  3. I'm also wondering about this topic. One of my classmates invited me to collaborate on a paper, but we're studying English literature. I can't grasp the idea of practically dividing the work. However, we do complement specializations (I'm starting to be more knowledgeable about comics studies, while she has had experience in writing about heterotopias / theory, in general). I do apologize for somehow interrupting a discussion from an entirely different field!
  4. Yes, she has. Oddly enough, though, she told me not to worry about getting sleep. It's probably due to the fact that any medication for sleep hasn't been working anymore. And generally, the lack of sleep causes much distress. I'm making sure that I get 6-8 hours of sleep, but I know that I haven't been following sleep hygiene. I do not wake up at the same time every single day; I wake up at noon (or a few hours after) because I sleep at around 5 or 6 am. I'm lucky to get to sleep before 4.30 am. That's so great to know! As for the anxiety, this might sound pessimistic, but perhaps it woul
  5. Hello there! Yes, I think that my interests are rather broad. It's a constant source of fear for me, but yes, you did say that I've just started my Master's. As for the journals, thank you so much for these! I always read The Explicator and the PMLA for my usual papers. I've also discovered Hillary Chute a few months back. I really do appreciate it!
  6. Hi there, @Progress . Hearing about your relationship is unfortunate to hear. I do hope that you're finding ways to cope, especially with the disability aspect.
  7. Hello there, @iwearflowers ! That's so great to hear! One of my concerns is disclosing my diagnosis through the SOPs, but your progress and your strategies are so helpful!
  8. Hello there. I'm so inspired by your intrepidity and by your story. I do hope that you'll see where your next steps would be for the MS/Ph.D. programs. Disclosing my diagnosis to my professors is a challenge for me, actually. I'm glad that you've been stable. As for the other symptoms, I can relate to this so far. I haven't been able to work on my grad school tasks since Saturday because of triggers. But yes. I do agree that we always have to keep trying.
  9. I've struggled with bulimia in high school. And it's great to hear that you'll be graduating in May! I spent nine years as an undergrad, including two years off for a leave of absence. I don't think that the anxiety for responses is dumb! Not at all. I do hope that you're getting the support you need. I definitely struggle with the disappointment that comes with thinking of self-harm or suicide. I'm trying to learn how to be kinder to myself, but ha! It's a challenge every single day.
  10. I've also just begun my program! Thank you for this reply. And thank you for that piece of advice. I never realized that we have to manage and prioritize sleep. Are you doing well, still?
  11. Hi, there! I actually spent a total of nine years as an undergraduate because I was diagnosed with bipolar II disorder, borderline personality disorder, and recently, OCD. I had to take leaves of absence. I've just started my MA in English a month ago, and I'm really grateful that Ive been stable for months now. I'm working part-time, and I also signed up for the part-time program in our university. I was just wondering if there are any people who have struggles with depression, anxiety, what have you. How do you deal with it as a grad student? What's a typical week for you? How do you ge
  12. Ever since I started grad school, I went from 190 pounds to 183. I've just begun grad school in January. Probably because I'm on a drug holiday for psychotropics and also, I've been working part-time? It makes me spend less for junk food and, well, food in general.
  13. I'm primarily interested in the 20th century--suburbia and sprawl, Asian-Americans, and confessional poetry. I'm starting out, but I am interested in performativity, disability studies with a focus on mental illness, religion, gender, and fandom. When it comes to the 21st century, I do have a focus on comics and graphic novels, as well as fandom. I do love Modern British Literature and Romantic poetry. Some of my favorites come from Japanese literature. Yes, literary theory is also a weakness, so I'd like to take the Literary Theory and Aesthetics course. I wasn't an English major as an u
  14. Hello there! Thank you so much for your reply. I thought that I've already clicked "notify me of replies" button. Apparently, I may have not, so I apologize for the lack of promptness. I never thought about asking my professor for both concerns. Thank you! Would you say that it really depends on the scholar or the university when it comes to connecting history (or specifically, historical figures) to literature?
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