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  1. @Snowflake99 That is nice they sent you an email at least so you know the ball is rolling. This wait sucks. I had a bit of a freak out too because I saw someone from the school I am waiting on got accepted today. I am trying to remain hopeful but it is so hard.
  2. Is anyone else still waiting on hearing back from schools for a masters program? I have yet to hear back from U of Northern Colorado in Greeley, CO for the mental health counseling program. Is this strange that it is almost the end of March and nothing is to be heard? I know PhD students have to be told by April 15th, but does that apply to master level students? Application deadline for UNC was December 1st. The interviews were 2/23 and now its 3/27.... what gives???? I am a nervous wreck and just hoping I am not alone.
  3. I am jealous all you guys have at least got somewhat of an answer. I am still waiting to hear back from UNC regarding their mental health counseling program (masters). By looks of the results board, it seems as if nobody has heard a thing! I am getting very impatient as march is almost over and the interview/ small group event was on 2/23. I can only hope that no news is good news?
  4. Their counseling program (masters) is also being delayed and is later than usual this year. I've been following and it seems as if the SLP and counseling are the last to go for Northern Colorado. Hopefully this week we all hear something!
  5. I don't know what that means, but I do know that whoever wrote the email sure sounds kind of rude. People can be so blunt, which is super nerve-wracking during a time like this!
  6. I am not in grad school (yet), however I am waiting on hearing back from programs. I have applied to 3 master level mental health counseling programs for this coming fall. I have been working towards recovery from anorexia over the last 4.5 years. I will finally be graduating with my bachelors in May after 6 years of trying to get this thing completed! It was so hard during my undergrad to finish my degree as I was in and out of inpatient treatment centers and the hospital. My resources while I was on campus were very limited, which resulted in my last year having to be completed online so I c
  7. Feeling the same way. I am beginning to question my ability with becoming a mental health counselor based on how horrible I am coping with the unknown of all this grad school stuff! Was this a test? Because I sure failed as I am about to officially crack.
  8. That is basically how I ended up responding to the email. I had to put the email in a different inbox category because I couldn't stand looking at it anymore. And, since I am looking at my mail 2234829048290483x day, I do not want keep seeing the message. Why is this process so horrible? I had no idea I was going to get this worked up over everything. The sad part is that I really thought this masters program would be a piece of cake getting into, especially with my stats. Sucks.
  9. it is just a masters program, none of the ones I applied to are for funding or anything like that. It was just such an odd reply to get that I cannot stop overthinking about. I keep getting hung up on, "..it might be wise to accept it". ugh.....
  10. So I emailed a school because I couldn't take the wait anymore and my top choice school responsed with: Well, shit. Nothing like being rejected from a program by the school telling you to go somewhere else. (side note: this is for a masters level program at literally a boring state school. I have a 4.0, experience in the field, good recommendations, great SOP...) What the heck happened here?
  11. Hi all! I wanted to create a thread for more specifically masters level applicants. It is difficult to sort through all the PhD forums as that seems to be the majority of posters. I am currently waiting to hear back from three schools/programs that I have applied to and interviewed with. When is it acceptable to email them and ask about admission status? I interviewed with one program on February 23rd and they actually said we could reach out if we needed to know our status because of other schools needing an answer-- is this a trick? Is it really OK to reach out to ask? That specific pr
  12. Applied to and interview with U of Wyoming, U or Northern Colorado and U of Northern Iowa. Waiting anxiously for replies from all schools still... Program: Clinical Mental Health Counseling, MA
  13. Hi all! I am right there with you as far as feeling the anxiety about waiting this out! Program: Clinical Mental Health Counseling Schools: U of Northern Iowa, U of Northern Colorado, and U of Wyoming. Accepted: (0/3) Rejected: (0/3) Interview completed & still waiting (3/3) Waiting is so difficult!
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