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  1. I'm headed there this Thursday for my department's admitted students day and let you know what I think! Very glad to meet someone else also studying at Brandeis!
  2. Hi all, I just wanted to see if anyone would be willing to share their experiences at admitted students days particularly any: -Etiquette tips -Dos and Don'ts -What you wish you knew Thanks in advance for your responses and I hope this is helpful for others as well!
  3. Hi all! I’ll be attending Brandeis University’s Ancient Greek and Roman Studies masters program this fall. I’ve been out of school for some time and was wondering if anyone who either has been in the program or a similar one, can recommend some “essential” Latin and Greek, as well as general knowledge, texts that I should read before my program begins. I’m doing the Ancient Civilizations track so there should a much smaller focus on languages but I still don’t want to go in completely unaware. Thanks for your help and I’m looking forward to hearing your suggestions!
  4. Recently submitted my last application to UChicago's MAPH program just the other day, hello!
  5. Thank you for your responses, they are much appreciated! I emailed them and they replied that they would not be able to give me an earlier admissions date. Strange since the email explicitly stated that applicants could email if decisions in April/May did not work for them.
  6. Hello all and thanks in advance for your help. I recently applied to UChicago's MAPH program (cash cow I know but they have a late secondary deadline and I needed more options) and they aren't notifying until after April 30th. In the email confirming my admission they state to contact the graduate department if I need an earlier admissions decision. My question is: would it reflect poorly/affect my chances for admission if I ask for an expedited decision? I have to notify another school of my intention to enroll by April 15th so an early decision would definitely be ideal. I'd l
  7. Hello out there! Any other fall 2018 Brandeis students on gradcafe? I just got into the Ancient Greek and Roman studies masters program today and will most likely be going - dependent on hearing back from one school. I’m planning a trip to visit the campus soon but would love to hear from anyone that has already been. If you have any recommendations for places to visit or potential neighborhoods to live in, I’d love to hear them! Looking forward to hearing from my fellow Brandeis students ?
  8. Just got rejected from Colorado - Boulder, stings but honestly very happy to at least hear back. Best of luck to all!
  9. Field/Program: History/Classical studies Schools: UC San Diego (history), Brown (history), University of Iowa (history), Brandeis (ancient Greek and Roman studies), Colorado - Boulder (classics), U Chicago (MAPH) Status: Waiting, praying, and wondering how else I could have spent the application money Honestly, not very confident in my applications due to weak statement of purposes. I just want a decision so I can move forward with my plans and what I'll be doing until next year's cycle. If anyone else applied to the same programs let me know so we can freak out together!
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