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  1. Bruh, Just received an email asking me to check my status and turns out I was rejected. I have written back an email to the graduate counselor asking for a quick follow-up and where I missed out. ngl feeling defeated at the moment. I was expecting to get in, even if without funding (MS). really had my hopes high, I would have been stoked.. This broke my spirits but dad says not to worry since I have three offers 'you are lucky you have a choice'. Anyways wanted to update you on the proceedings, and now I really really hope you end up getting in. I don't really know you but with whatever little we've talked about you seem like a genuine dude. It would be great if that happens...
  2. Aha, thank you for that. Pretty much what my faculties and parents have been telling me. These days I'm looking at the faculties, number of research labs and the projects they undertake. I'll be honest, Campus wise and with respect to the overall atmosphere UNCC comes out at the top out of these three. Even though, I havent been offered aid, TA, RA and on-campus jobs seem to be pretty easily available plus Charlotte is a great place to be in. Somehow I don't prefer (yet) Atlanta considering GSU is basically an Urban Campus. UNCC used to be typecasted as a commuter campus but it's growing pretty good. The career and job aspects of both these choices seem to present almost equal opportunities so that isn't a factor I could consider. Declining an offer can be tough, this is my first ever application cycle and I will be declining at least two universities. Havent asked for extension yet, reckon I should do?
  3. Wow, those are incredible. Congrats! Well, I had a weak profile so I applied to and got into University of North Carolina at Charlotte, and Georgia State. I also have a conditional offer from Michigan Tech but I'm legit confused if UMN rejects me, which one should I choose...
  4. Need help deciding. Research from both interest me. Post graduation job opportunities and overall reputation are the two factors I'm considering. Please suggest, thanks!
  5. Accepted into UNCC and this is a goldmine of a comment. I love ya man! Hope you're still active and see this message ahaha
  6. So, I've been waiting for a month and a half now and my status is still 'Awaiting Program Decision'. Sending the department an email just returns an automated generic BS bot reply. April 15th is coming up and I have two offers. UofM is above these in my list. I'm still waiting, anyone heard if the results are out yet for CS Masters program?
  7. Huh, that's interesting, thanks for the tip. While I have you with me, do you think I should start working on those financial documentation forms right now? Also, do you happen to know by what dates do most schools expect their first installment of fees to be deposited? I'm sorry if these questions appear dumb, I have no prior knowledge on this matter. I'd really appreciate any help Cheers mate~
  8. Yeah, the date stated is April 15th. Guess I should play the waiting game for a couple more days maybe? thanks for the answer btw
  9. Applied for MS in CS. So I just received an acceptance from: UNCC GSU Universities yet to reply: UofM UofW (St. Louis) WMU MTU Should I wait or go either one of these? If so, which one???
  10. Thanks a ton, yes I was looking for a thread discussing STEM majors, particularly Computer Science. Major apologies since the UI of this site takes some getting used to. Cheers bruh!
  11. Does Umass Lowell still consider applications this late?
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