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  1. Does anyone have more details/opinions abut Villanova?
  2. Hi all! I am starting to get responses from Masters in Counseling. I hope to apply to move on to doctoral work in the future so I'd really love some input on what I should be looking for when considering which school to attend. Many of the schools I have applied to offer seemingly great research opps so I am wondering how I should compare them and if there is anything specific that I should prioritize. For example, when I spoke to a student at one school, it seemed like the work she did for a prof. was a mix of administrative work and ad hoc research-related tasks. Is this pretty standard? An
  3. I totally understand this concern! I don't think it should be an issue and I'd imagine that other applicants and social workers in the field have visible non-earlobe piercings too. Unrelated but I used to work in policy advocacy and even the attorneys had nose piercings. You should leave it in! If it is a problem then I would seriously wonder about the school...
  4. Congrats! Does anyone know how the interview is used for the mental health counseling program?
  5. I don't think it's entirely uncommon. From what I've seen by looking at current/past student bios in counseling psychology doctoral programs and counseling master's programs, not everyone comes from a psych background. I have, however, seen one school offer Master's admissions if the applicant agrees to complete undergrad-level psych prereqs upon entering the program. My undergrad major was in the social sciences and I didn't take any psych courses. I'm in the process of applying to MS/M.Ed.programs in counseling this round. I already received an interview request so I guess I'll see how
  6. Hi, I'm very new here and I was wondering if I could get a somewhat simple breakdown of how counseling psychology Ph.D. programs at well-known "prestigious" universities, say Boston College or TC at Columbia, compare to a lot of other prominent names I see in the field, like University of Minnesota or University of Florida. For example, is there a difference in the amount of research being conducted by faculty? Are the research topics more niche? Generally, are there different long term goals for Ph.D. students at these schools -- namely goals where the location/prestige of the university are
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