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  1. Hello everyone! I'll be going to McMaster's Global Health program this fall, and I got my offer way back in the spring. Excited to see some of you.
  2. Some limitations about owning a Macbook Pro, you can't run AMOS from SPSS on it. However, my Macbook Pro has served me well.
  3. Could you tell me the POIs initials? I might be able to give more insight since I go here.
  4. Hey everyone! I already have questions for my POIs, it's just the admissions committee. They're a different group I also have to interview with. I'm interviewing with my POIs separately.
  5. "people usually have more" oh gosh, is it a bad sign if you don't have any questions to ask?
  6. Oh ok, I'll write some of them down. A good portion of questions I have had were already answered by the handbook, so I guess I can explicitly tell them that.
  7. Anyone going to interviews at Alaska-Anchorage and would like to meet up? I'll be there on Feb 28th.
  8. Hey everyone! I've been glossing over some interview threads that you all have posted, and I was wondering of what questions can I ask the admissions committee? I've read the handbook throughly and it ... seemed to answer everything. Additionally, the admissions + outcomes data is extremely in-depth to the point where I don't have any questions.
  9. This is really reassuring thank you! The lab I'm a coordinator/manager for is dissolving due to the PI leaving, so hopefully I can find another lab in my undergrad insit. to take me in during the summer.
  10. I have 2 manuscripts which are currently in pre-print right now and one poster presentation in May. I really do think I should continue to foster in on my research.
  11. Thank you so much for replying! It's going to be approximately 8 months until the new application cycle begins and this will also be the first summer where I'm not taking any courses. How did you keep occupied? Also, I'm thinking of applying for marketing jobs which have a research focus. I'm realizing that I very much enjoy applied psychology due to the research aspect of it, given my background as a consultant and analyst.
  12. The only volunteer/clinical experience I've had was through my 2 practicums, is this sufficient? Again, I don't know how much weight is given clinical experience. I'm just aware that research matters a lot.
  13. I'm 100% certain my abysmally low Quant GRE score became the Achilles' heel in my applications this first cycle for Clinical. I admit, I am not a great self-learner and therefore working with Magoosh, where the Quant questions are unstructured and not very helpful in terms of representative difficulty, threw me off. I applied to 6 schools, and one of the POIs e-mailed me to say he fought the department to keep me due to my high GPA, strong research track, and publication record, but the department wouldn't let it go. He encouraged me to re-take the GRE and apply under him next time. Initially
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