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  1. The admissions process definitely relies on a number of factors beyond your grades! Don’t forget how important research or applied experience will be in the process. Everyone will have a different journey and story, but I got into my top pick with a 3.5 GPA. Personally, I think you’re in a great spot with a 3.89. And at least through my eyes, seeing that you attempted a grad level stats class shows initiative!
  2. Interesting, I have SPSS on my MacBook Air! I wonder if I could put Windows on a Mac.
  3. Howdy! im very fortunate to have been accepted to a program after a few years of full time work experience. Until now, anytime I’ve needed to do data analysis (whether for work or even school during senior year) I simply used to the computers provided by my employment. Ive been working in research, so the computers have everything I need! Until now! I need to buy a new laptop to start my graduate program. I’d like to stick with some type of MacBook, but I’m open to other options. I know I’ll be using SPSS, R, and although my program is I/O I’ll be doing a decent bit of cognitive rese
  4. Refreshing my email over and over waiting for the school to hopefully email me. 🤷🏻‍♀️
  5. Man, I didn't even apply to Houston and I am on #teamrefund with y'all. How can you even open your application portal without assurance of at least accepting a singular student.
  6. I haven't heard a peep from Penn State either. I assume they will must send a mass email and reject us all at the same time with one quick swipe of the sword. I may go ahead and withdraw my application - just got an offer from top choice school!
  7. Was just at a recruitment visit and a fellow applicant stated they were visiting (don’t remember if interview or not) within the next couple weeks. So I assume they’ve already made contact with applicants. I hope this information is helpful!
  8. I travel out tomorrow to interview Thurs/Fri at my DREAM school. Third time applying, and I finally got a visit. Nervous is an understatement. I literally bought three different grey cardigans to try on with my interview outfit, because I last minute decided I no longer wanted to wear a jacket. Like, who am I? What is this world. Headed to the gym to stress walk until my nerves can finally calm down!
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