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  1. The admissions process definitely relies on a number of factors beyond your grades! Don’t forget how important research or applied experience will be in the process. Everyone will have a different journey and story, but I got into my top pick with a 3.5 GPA. Personally, I think you’re in a great spot with a 3.89. And at least through my eyes, seeing that you attempted a grad level stats class shows initiative!
  2. Interesting, I have SPSS on my MacBook Air! I wonder if I could put Windows on a Mac.
  3. Howdy! im very fortunate to have been accepted to a program after a few years of full time work experience. Until now, anytime I’ve needed to do data analysis (whether for work or even school during senior year) I simply used to the computers provided by my employment. Ive been working in research, so the computers have everything I need! Until now! I need to buy a new laptop to start my graduate program. I’d like to stick with some type of MacBook, but I’m open to other options. I know I’ll be using SPSS, R, and although my program is I/O I’ll be doing a decent bit of cognitive rese
  4. Refreshing my email over and over waiting for the school to hopefully email me. 🤷🏻‍♀️
  5. Man, I didn't even apply to Houston and I am on #teamrefund with y'all. How can you even open your application portal without assurance of at least accepting a singular student.
  6. I haven't heard a peep from Penn State either. I assume they will must send a mass email and reject us all at the same time with one quick swipe of the sword. I may go ahead and withdraw my application - just got an offer from top choice school!
  7. Was just at a recruitment visit and a fellow applicant stated they were visiting (don’t remember if interview or not) within the next couple weeks. So I assume they’ve already made contact with applicants. I hope this information is helpful!
  8. I travel out tomorrow to interview Thurs/Fri at my DREAM school. Third time applying, and I finally got a visit. Nervous is an understatement. I literally bought three different grey cardigans to try on with my interview outfit, because I last minute decided I no longer wanted to wear a jacket. Like, who am I? What is this world. Headed to the gym to stress walk until my nerves can finally calm down!
  9. So I asked, and they were 100% understanding why I’d be curious and asked what they could do to assured I was comfortable! Thanks for the advice!
  10. Thank you so much! This was a very helpful response. I went ahead and emailed the visit coordinator/my graduate student buddy and asked what I should expect in regards to housing, and why I was inquiring. I have one interview and its at my first choice school. I want to feel 100%!
  11. The school I’m visiting doesn’t have you apply to a specific lab, actually. You have one advisor, that you’re welcome to change at any time, but they prefer you work amongst several labs. So I’m not too concerned with redundancy. What were your sleeping arrangements like?
  12. Hey there! For those of you who have been housed with other graduate students while on your interview or visit: What have your sleeping arrangements been like? Have you gotten your own bed, or slept on the couch? My concern is the latter. I don’t want to book my own housing, because I know the extra time with grad students may be invaluable. However, I have this connective tissue disease, and I worry that sleeping on a couch or the like would just obliterate my body for the days of interviews. I’ll be at the interview for 3 nights total. Either way, I’m going to stay with the studen
  13. So last night my SO and I were practicing "interview" questions and they hit me with the stereotypical: "If you could have dinner with one person, dead or alive, who would it be?" My immediate answer was "Chris Harrison, so I can ask about all the juicy Bachelor/Bachelorette gossip." So, my advice to you all if you get this question is don't answer with "Chris Harrison"...
  14. So, I work for a government research lab. Due to the shutdown, I have not been to work in three weeks. I’ve cleaned and purged every inch of my house, walked my dogs a million times, watched every episode and movie I needed to catch up, etc. Not having work to distract me from this stress is starting to catch up. Especially now that the holidays are over and everyone else has resumed their normal life. Kind of losing my mind here. SOS.
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