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  1. I officially Accepted my offer from Clemson Uni - very very happy and excited. I'm hoping someone hears some good news from Akron or NIU.
  2. That does sound tough... maybe you need to ask yourself honestly which program you think will get you where you want to be in life? If you're fairly certain you want to go academic, the top tier might give you that extra edge of name recognitions. But on the other hand, you might have more certainty that you will be doing the research you really want to at your current place. On the other hand, a new place might expand your network and give you fresh ideas that could fuel be added to your research area of choice. These are just examples of the debates I might be having with myself ... which
  3. Yes definitely! I also had an interview with my POI from Clemson today and I felt really good about it - so keeping my fingers crossed
  4. I did yeah sorry! Both BGSU and USF sent a pithy reply saying they made an offer to a small number of candidates in February (about a month ago now) and I'd been waitlisted and to please wait to hear from them. I followed up asking if they could relay where I am in the waitlist or which faculty have made successful pairings already - USF basically reiterated the first message and BGSU never got back to me.
  5. I Would recommend sending an inquiry! I emailed my POIs for Penn state and ODU and was notified of my rejection for both. I tried to email the general department at Penn but never got a reply, so POI might a better bet.
  6. I guess It could be blend of those topics? There may not be any true or objective answers, since the dilemma between choosing program A vs B is down to quality, fit, reputation...etc. Since places like Gradcafe exist, I wondered if maybe people have discussed their woes/information/opinions regarding which uni to choose.
  7. Just wondering... Since many have the happy dilemma of choosing between 2 or more programs of interest, I wonder if there are forums dedicated to this topic. Has anyone come across something like this anywhere online?
  8. I was in touch with my POI a a few weeks ago, and she said 'we may not be able to accept students this year'. But I thought she meant that only her lab might not be able to accept students 😮 I agree with @tryingtostayafloat in that case lol.
  9. I got rejections form PSU, CSU, and Houston, in the past few days. My Penn State portal says and application has been reached, but no specifics. I contacted Clemson and they said I am on the waitlist. If anyone who has been accepted to Clemson is reading this, it would be amazing to know whether you are going to accept or not. Clemson is my first choice and has the person/people I am dying to work with!!
  10. Since I am also applying straight out of undergrad, I suppose it is technically for the MA program. I don't know if they make those decisions separately (but I assume they would?), but we spoke to each other with the assumption that I am doing a PhD
  11. I got an acceptance letter from Illinois Institute of Technology - I likely wont accept though since the funding is very shaky. I also had an interview with someone from Northern Illinois University, who said that they should be making final offers next week sometime. x
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