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  1. hejsan

    Fall 2019 Industrial Organizational Psychology PhD

    I got a phone call from UCF today with the news that I have been accepted. I’m SOOO happy!!!! ???
  2. hejsan

    Fall 2019 Industrial Organizational Psychology PhD

    Hope the interview went well--best of luck! I'm interviewing with them on Friday. Whose your POI if you don't mind me asking?
  3. hejsan

    Fall 2019 Industrial Organizational Psychology PhD

    I received an email today from UCF requesting a phone interview. It will be held later this week--wish me luck!! Not heard from any other schools yet though.
  4. hejsan

    Fall 2019 Industrial Organizational Psychology PhD

    I've applied to the following schools for a Ph.D. in I-O: Purdue, Bowling Green, Penn State, USF, UCF, Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and Albany. I'm interested in quantitative methods and research methods in I-O psychology and applied to schools with professors conducting research in these areas. My stats are: GPA: 3.87 (4.0 for junior and senior; 4.0 for major) GRE: 154 quant, 159 verbal, 4.5 writing (for Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and Albany I applied with different GRE scores: 159 quant, 158 verbal, 4.0 writing) -- this is my weakest area :( Research: 2 years in Social Psychology lab, 1 year in quantitative psychology lab, 6 months doing research in the research and institutional effectiveness department at a college. Letters of rec: 2 writers were my professors and I worked in their research labs, 1 was a research supervisor. 2 poster presentations. I have also taken relevant I-O, research, and statistics courses. Still haven't heard back from any of the schools... Not feeling too hopeful due to my GRE scores, but will have to wait and see.

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