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  1. I would heart react all of your posts, but alas, GC decided that my love is a finite supply (which is a lie, because it's amazing people like you all that keep me grounded that anything is possible for me and deserve all the love and recognition you get!) So keep doing good shit y'all! ❤️
  2. That's amazing! Best wishes to you and your family! It's awesome seeing so much potential in all of you!
  3. Hey GC, I'm a first-gen college grad entering my first year of grad school at Villanova this August, pursuing my MA in Political Science! I would love to see if there are other first-gen students on here so that we can all get to know each other a little 🙂I'll start: So my parents emigrated from Colombia to the USA in the late 80s to flee the cartel violence, and roughly eight years later, I was born in Miami! I went to pretty rough-around-the-edges public schools in my neighborhood for elementary and middle school, where I hung around with MS13 kids and other gang kids. Since my mom
  4. Hi! I am an incoming Villanova Political Science student who will also be at Admitted Student Day in April!
  5. I got accepted into Villanova for MA in Political Science! Also received a graduate assistantship that covers tuition AND also comes with a generous stipend!!!!
  6. Hey all, I am currently doing some preliminary research on job prospects after I receive my Master of Arts in Political Science. I officially start my degree track this August 2019. What are some job prospects that you would suggest to someone who is getting their Master's in Political Science? I am looking into working as an assistant news editor or in a social media role at a news company. My top three companies as of now are Reuters, The Guardian, and Vice News. I am, nonetheless, open to hear other job prospect suggestions. Thanks!
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