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  1. Hi ellen_b! I got a similar vague response. I must confess that the wait is extremely disturbing, especially because this is my top choice. The FAQ says that applicants generally receive decisions by April although decisions continue to be made beyond April. Sigh!
  2. Hi ShivaGhasemi! Any word from the iSchool department about when a wait-listed applicant should expect a permanent decision? I'm counting on the end of this month.
  3. Speaking from experience, it's likely that a student will respond to your query if you use the above email. I'd recommend you contact Andrea directly: andrea.dibiase@utoronto.ca. Good luck!
  4. Hi guys! I heard back from Andrea and she told me that my application has been reviewed and I'm presently wait-listed. Anybody else who is wait-listed?
  5. Hi Mari2193! I was following the iSchool 2019 thread and noticed that you are an international student. Me too! I applied for the program late Jan 2019 and haven't received a decision yet. Would you be comfortable posting your overall profile (experience, academic profile, test scores)? Also, my application is Under Review. Does anyone have any idea until when can I expect a decision?
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